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Requires Adjustment, nicknamed Adj by the crew of the UNSC Port Stanley, is a Huragok who formerly served the Covenant, and later served aboard the ONI prowler Port Stanley.


Requires Adjustment was captured by the Jiralhanae auxiliary ship Piety, while it was aboard the Serene Certainty. The Huragok was going to be handed over to Avu Med 'Telcam, but the UNSC Port Stanley captured the tug, eliminated the Jiralhanae, and acquired Requires Adjustment. The ship's AI, Black-Box, was able to communicate with the Huragok using sign language.[1]

By March 2553 Adj was stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity along with the Huragok from the Sharpened Shield. While it was happy there he wondered where BB and the ODSTs were. When Admiral Parangosky asked if it missed them, it replied it only regretted that it couldn't improve their ship. Parangosky said it might be able to be returned to Port Stanley to make the improvements. It informed Parangosky that the Huragok have improved the ship's slipspace capabilities to be faster and more accurate. It then informed her they planned to improve their communications next, making Infinity able to maintain contact from slipspace.[2] After arriving at Sanghelios, Admiral Margaret Parangosky assigned Adj and Leaks Repaired to the UNSC Port Stanley to make improvements to the ship. Serin Osman responded saying it would be good to have Adj back.[3]

While aboard the Stanley, Leaks and Adj made several further modifications to the vessel, including improvements to its faster-than-light communications system. They also converted the floor of the ship's Foxtrot deck—as well as the corresponding portion of the exterior hull—into a transparent metal, turning the floor into an additional viewport.[4] The two Huragok also improved the Stanley's Pelican dropship, the Tart-Cart, giving it slipspace capability.[5]

In April 2553, Adj decorated the celebration cake for Osman's promotion.[6] Later, Lian Devereaux and Naomi-010 went to Anchor 10 with Requires Adjustment to upgrade a Pelican with systems similar to Tart-Cart for use with Port Stanley. These upgrades included a slipspace drive, cloaking measures and extended communications and electronic warfare capabilities.[7] The Pelican was later named Bogof.[8]

When Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi were captured by the Venezian militia, Adj and Leaks provided support from the Stanley.[9] After the destruction of the Pious Inquisitor, Leaks and Adj were improving the Pelicans.[10] When Kilo-Five was granted leave on Cascade, the two Huragok stayed onboard with Naomi-010.[11]

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