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Anchor 10
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Anchor 10 is a service, repair and refit station in service with the UNSC Navy near Dryad.[1]


In April 2553 Lian Devereaux and Naomi-010 brought Adj to Anchor 10 to pick up and upgrade another Pelican and to pick up candied ginger for Serin Osman. Upon arriving several of the station's crew marveled at a Pelican capable of slipspace travel. Despite breaking about a dozen health and safety regulations, the three of them did not have a hangar crew present per ONI's instructions. Naomi-010 did some of the heavy lifting for Adj until Lian decided to go get the ginger for Osman. While picking up the parcel BB learned through his fragment on Venezia that Mal and Vaz had been compromised, they left with both Pelicans immediately.

After Vaz and Mal were rescued and the Venezian threat was neutralized, Kilo-Five returned to Anchor 10 and dropped off Mike Spenser.[2]

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