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Production information


Misriah Armory



30.5 metres (100 ft)


23.3 metres (76 ft)


10 metres (33 ft)


Two main engines housed in middle section of ship, ten maneuvering thrusters housed in four vector pylons.

Slipspace drive:




  • One chin-mounted auto-cannon in either 40 or 70mm caliber
Service information

Known commanders:

Lian Devereaux




Tart-Cart is a UNSC Pelican dropship attached to the UNSC Port Stanley. Named by its pilot Lian Devereaux,[1] it has been heavily retrofitted by the Office of Naval Intelligence for increased stealth and electronic intelligence capabilities.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Tart-Cart is the personal dropship of Kilo-Five and is their main source of planetside transport. Tart-Cart was used to transport Admiral Terrence Hood to Vadam, Sanghelios, for his peace talk with Arbiter Thel Vadam. It was later used to transport Kilo-Five into Shield World 006 to apprehend Catherine Halsey. Later, after dropping off Evan Phillips on Vadam, Devereaux transported Malcolm Geffen and Vasily Beloi to Venezia for their meeting with Mike Spenser. After Kilo-Five lost contact with Phillips due to the attack in Ontom, Serin Osman ordered the rest of Kilo-Five back immediately to find out what happened.

After arriving at Sanghelios, Devereaux transported Kilo-Five to Ontom to search for Phillips in the Temple of the Abiding Truth. After they realized that Phillips was no longer in the temple, they evacuated as a Sangheili mob stormed the area. BB eventually located Phillips through an intercepted communication and they quickly traveled to Nes'alun Keep in Acroli to evacuate him. During the evacuation, Tart-Cart was damaged by a Banshee, forcing Devereaux to put her down for repairs. They were eventually forced to accept parts from the Sangheili as Devereaux could not fix it on her own. It took several hours but she was eventually able to make repairs. During their flight back to Stanley there was a fire and they had to re-route to the UNSC Infinity. There, a pair of Huragok not only fully repaired the ship but they made several improvements to it as well, including slipspace capability.[3] They also installed instant FTL communications, and more stealth features than ONI originally outfitted it with.[4]

In April 2553, Kilo-Five was given another Pelican fitted with the same upgrades, dubbed Bogof.[5]

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