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Charlie 217
Production information


Misriah Armories


Dropship 77-Troop Carrier


Troop deployment vehicle



30.5 metres (100 ft)


23.3 metres (76 ft)


10 metres (33 ft)


Two main engines housed in middle section of ship, ten maneuvering thrusters housed in four vector pylons.


  • One chin-mounted auto-cannon in either 40 or 70mm caliber[5]
  • Two ANVIL-II ASM Pods (eight missiles each) (optional)
  • 1 AIE-486H HMG or M247 GPMG (optional)



Service information


September 21, 2552

Participated battles:

Known commanders:


United Nations Space Command


Charlie 217 was a D-77 Pelican dropship attached to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn up to and including the Battle of Installation 04.[1]

Operational History[edit]

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 04

When the Autumn crashed on Installation 04, Charlie 217 was thought to be destroyed, and was listed as MIA (Missing In Action). In reality, it had actually managed to survive intact, although it was separated from the rest of the UNSC personnel at Alpha Base.[1]

It was quickly captured by the Covenant, who subsequently killed everyone on board except the pilot, Lieutenant Rick Hale. Later, Zuka 'Zamamee and a team of 30 SpecOps Sangheili used the captured Pelican as a means to infiltrate Alpha Base to hunt for John-117.[1]

Before Hale could complete the landing, 'Zamamee killed him and landed it himself. He and the thirty Sangheili, cloaked in Active Camouflage, attacked the crew in the base.[1] Charlie 217 was destroyed soon after it landed by UNSC personnel. Fuel was sprayed on the landing pad and lit, destroying the Pelican and many of the Sangheili in the resulting explosion.[1]

The wreckage of Charlie 217 was used by First Lieutenant Melissa McKay the next day as a trap for Covenant forces. The Covenant that responded fell into the Marine ambush, a fitting end to the life of the dropship, despite the intervention of the Flood that followed.[2]

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