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"Oh, you'd like me to connect the dots for you, lead you from A to B to C, so that your puny mind could comprehend. How boring."
- Q[1]

I won't belabor any passers-by with useless (for them) information. If you wish, go ahead and sign your visit with date/time-stamp at the bottom of this page.

Halo References I Own





Other References

My Self-Perceived Major Contributions

Articles & Files Created

List of articles and files I've created.

Major Article Contributions

These are articles I consider myself to have contributed to significantly (a completely subjective system), but did not create (see above). This list will be updated as I feel the need.

Thank You

I was nominated and voted Halopedian of the month for May, 2010. I would like to extend my thanks to you, the community, and I hope to maintain the standard of editing you've come to expect from me.

See you out there.

HOTM|May 2010