Echo 216

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Echo 216
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Known commanders:

Echo 216's pilot


United Nations Space Command[1]

"This is UNSC Pelican Echo 216. Can you hear me?"
Echo 216's pilot tries to hail a friendly signal.[1]

Echo 216 is a Pelican dropship of the United Nations Space Command Armed Forces.[1] At some point following the advent of late 2561 it and its pilot, after having been stranded around the remains of Installation 07 for some time, had a chance encounter with John-117 and brought the Spartan-II aboard. Echo 216 was hit with some kind of electronic attack soon thereafter, which led its pilot to evacuate the rear bay so the Master Chief could go on the offensive.[1]


"Warning. Warning. Warning. Pressure building in lines four, seventeen, and thirty three."
— An automated alert greets Echo 216's pilot as soon as he is jolted awake.[1]

By 2561, Echo 216 was stranded in orbit around a damaged Halo installation, suffering from hull breaches which had to be manually repaired by his pilot. Eventually, he would stumble across the drifting John-117, reviving him inside its troop-bay. It was soon hit by an EMP, and the Spartan would leave the pelican for EVA.[1]


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