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Outpost Tremonius (location)

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This article is about the location. For the Halo Infinite campaign level, see Outpost Tremonius.
Outpost Tremonius seen from the sky.

Outpost Tremonius was a Banished outpost established on Installation 07 during the Installation 07 conflict and commanded by its namesake, the Jiralhanae Warlord Tremonius. The outpost was built around the crash site of the UNSC Mortal Reverie which had crash-landed on Zeta Halo during the space battle above the Ring. The outpost has changed hands more than once during the battle on Zeta Halo, and is currently serving as a UNSC Forward Operating Base.[1]


Initially, the UNSC had used the Reverie's crash site as their primary base of operations on the Zeta Halo.[2] However, following Spartan Hudson Griffin's failed assassination attempt on War Chief Escharum[3], Banished forces, led by Tremonius and Captain Arthoc, launched a massive assault on the Reverie[4], forcing the UNSC personnel to abandon the site.[5] The Banished took control of the Reverie and built a base around it. War Chief Escharum rewarded Tremonius for his victory by giving him command of the Outpost and naming it after him. [6] In the months that followed, the Banish utilized Outpost Tremonius not only as a military base, but also an excavation site and storage facility for Forerunner artifacts, including the Harbinger's Cylix. On April 23, 2560, half of the troops stationed at Outpost Tremonius were transferred to Site Novem on Escharum's orders to support the search for the Conservatory.[7]

On May 28, 2560, John-117, who'd been presumed dead ever since the battle above the Ring, infiltrated the Forerunner foundations underneath Outpost Tremonius in order to retrieve the Weapon. Tremonius descended to the foundations to kill the Master Chief. However, the Master Chief killed Tremonius, and then made his way to the surface, where he single-handedly defeated the Banished guarding the outpost. The Weapon then erased the outpost's location from the Banished Battle Net, thereby reclaiming it for the UNSC.[8][1]

After defeating both Escharum and the Harbinger, John-117 returned to Outpost Tremonius.[9]


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