Outpost Tremonius

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This article is about the Halo Infinite campaign level. For the location, see Outpost Tremonius (location).





Outpost Tremonius
Outpost Tremonius


Halo Infinite




c. May 28, 2560[1]


Outpost Tremonius, Installation 07


  • Clear the landing zone
  • Rendezvous with the pilot

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Explore the Banished base and discover their motives.

Outpost Tremonius is the third campaign main mission in Halo Infinite, under the first campaign section "Ringfall".


Chief emerges from the Ring in Outpost Tremonius, a Banished stronghold filled with ancient Forerunner artifacts retrieved from the bowels of the installation — some more ominous than others. Chief and the Weapon fight their way through Banished troops to the surface of Halo and rendezvous with the Pilot. An active UNSC distress signal beckons the Pelican southward.

After killing Tremonius, John-117 sets out to secure the rest of Outpost Tremonius. He clears out the Banished garrison, allowing Echo 216 to land.


The Master Chief finds himself in a tunnel that the Banished are using as a storage facility. After scavenging supplies, he explores the area, and comes across a Cylix. The humanoid figure engraved on this Cylix is yellow instead of blue and has a very prominent bulbous head along with other distinguishable features. More importantly, however, this Cylix is open.

  • Weapon: "Another Cylix. But this one's open. What do you think was in it?"
  • Weapon: "Why so cynical? It might be something good."
  • John-117: "Trust me. It won't be."

John proceeds further into the tunnels and encounters some Unggoy, most of who are sleeping.

  • Unggoy 2: "He's fine. And if he ain't, you really wanna go after him?"
  • Unggoy 1: "Fair point!"

The Chief catches the Unggoy off guard and wipes them all out. He then heads down the corridor and enters a control room.

  • John-117: "How do we get out of here?"
  • Weapon: "Terminal. Over there."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


  • Weapon: "Just give me a second. I should be able to get control from here."

A hologram of Escharum materializes in front of them.

  • Escharum (hologram): "So... Tremonius has fallen. A victim of the Master Chief's might."

John uploads the Weapon back into his armor.

  • Escharum (hologram): "Do not fool yourself. He was not the best of the Banished. Not by any measure. (growls) It occurs to me that we have not been introduced. I, of course, know of you, Spartan. Your legend. The fear you inspire is admirable. The hope you stir in the hearts of your kind... misplaced."

Zoom in on Escharum's face.

  • Escharum (hologram): "I want you to know my name too. To know my legend. How else will you beg me for mercy? I am Escharum. War Chief of the Banished. This is my world now. And you have little time remaining in it."

Scene moves through the hologram as it deactivates. The wall behind the Master Chief lowers itself, forming a ramp that leads outside. Sunlight floods the control room. Scene moves outside, revealing the rest of the Banished outpost which has been established next to the wreckage of a UNSC frigate.


The Chief heads outside. An Eklon'Dal Workshop Phantom flies overhead.

  • Weapon: "Wow! Look at this place! It's so... full of more monsters coming to kill us."

The Phantom drops off reinforcements at a landing platform.

  • Pilot (COM): "You're gonna need to clear me somewhere to land!"
  • Weapon: "Incoming!"

The Chief engages the Banished forces.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "The Outpost is under attack! Tremonius has fallen! Whoever kills the Spartan will assume his place!"

The Chief eliminates most of the Banished in the immediate area.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Reinforcements! Rally to Outpost Tremonius! More! Kill the Spartan where he stands!"

Another Phantom swoops in and drops off additional reinforcements at the landing platform.

  • Sangheili: "They look to take back their precious Reverie."

The Master Chief eventually eliminates all the Banished troops at the Outpost.

  • Weapon: "That's the last of them."
  • John-117: "Is it safe?"
  • Weapon: "Is anything? Don't answer that. If you can find me somewhere to hack in, I think I can guarantee this base will be safe for your friend to land."

The Chief finds a terminal and deploys the Weapon.


The Weapon studies a hologram of the crashed UNSC frigate where the base has been established.

  • Weapon: "Let me see. The Banished are using a modification of the Covenant's Battle Net protocol. Pretty easy to push through and..."

She snaps her fingers. The hologram dissolves.

  • Weapon: "Done. I've removed this location from their system. We're safe here."
  • John-117: (to the Pilot) "LZ secure."

Echo 216 descends and lands next to them. The Pilot emerges from the Pelican. He drops to his hands and knees and kisses the ground.

  • Pilot: "Solid ground! (sighs) As good as this feels, please tell me we can go."

He looks up at the Chief.

  • Pilot: "Did you find the Weapon you were looking for? Can we go?"

The Chief opens his palm and the Weapon's avatar appears.

  • Weapon: (waves) "Hi."

The Pilot recoils in alarm.

  • Pilot: "What the-?!"

Terrified, he takes cover behind the Pelican, before staggering to his feet.

  • Pilot: "Cortana? But she... (angrily) This is all her fault!"
  • John-117: "It isn't Cortana." (to the Weapon) "Tell him."
  • Weapon: "But... it's classified."
  • John-117: "Permission granted."

The Weapon turns to address the Pilot.

  • Weapon: "I was created by Doctor Catherine Halsey to mimic this installation's security to trap Cortana for deletion. I was successful."
  • John-117: "Cortana's no longer a threat. And now she's going to help us stop the Banished."
  • Pilot: (dryly) "Of course she is."
  • Weapon: "I think I'm with you. I didn't even know what a Banished was an hour ago and even I can see the odds aren't great."
  • Pilot: "Yes! Yes. You should listen to her. You're gonna get us all killed."
  • Weapon: "This is fascinating. You're trying to survive... but I was programmed to die."
  • Pilot: "Really? One person with a death wish wasn't enough?"
  • Weapon: "No... I was just figuring what I am supposed to-"

She suddenly turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "Wait. I'm picking up a UNSC distress signal."
  • John-117: "Location?"
  • Weapon: "The source is four kilometers from here."

TACMAP is activated.

  • Weapon: "Here is the distress signal's point of origin."

The Tower's location is highlighted on the map.

  • Weapon: "This is our current location."

Outpost Tremonius is highlighted.

  • Weapon: "This was... until two minutes ago, a Banished Forward Operating Base. I say 'was' because now... It's ours."

Outpost Tremonius now reads as being under UNSC control.

  • Pilot: (unable to see the TACMAP himself) "Chief? What is she talking about?"
  • Weapon: "Now... here's the cool part. There are more UNSC Forward Operating Bases that have fallen into Banished hands. Well... paws. They have paws. Each one is associated with a territory. Here is the location of the UNSC signal I've been tracking and here are two more FOBs."

FOBs Foxtrot and Golf are highlighted.

TACMAP is disengaged. The Weapon's avatar switches off. The Chief turns to leave.

  • John-117: "Mark it. Let's go."
  • Pilot: (in disbelief) "Let's go? What? There?"

Resigned, he goes back inside the Pelican, muttering to himself in Spanish.

  • Pilot: "¡Siempre hay algo contigo! ¡Déjame en paz, por favor!" ("There's always something with you! Leave me alone, please!")

Level ends


The following achievements can be unlocked on Outpost Tremonius across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
File:HINF Achievement Zeta.png Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Zeta Fought your way through Outpost Tremonius and stepped out onto the surface of Zeta Halo.


Easter eggs[edit]

Outpost Tremonius Game zone arcade easter egg
The secret Game Zone arcade.
  • There is a small Forerunner chamber hidden in the cliffs just north of Outpost Tremonius. It is guarded by some sleeping Unggoy and a Special Operations Sangheili. Inside the chamber is a Heatwave.
    • If the player returns to this location after completing another mission, the chamber will now contain numerous kegs and bottles of alcohol along with a Game Zone arcade machine for Halo Infinite. There will also be several marines and a Jiralhanae Captain lying dead (or passed out) on the floor. In addition, a Scatterbound Heatwave can be found in here.
  • There are three Banished control switches hidden among the frigate's wreckage. Pressing all three of them will unleash an airstrike on the landing platform, as demonstrated here.

Production notes[edit]

A line from the Weapon was cut in the final game: when the Pilot says "Let's go? What? There?", the Weapon would have answered "No, it's the other way. Quickly, let's get to those FOBs. I think I can make them extremely useful."[2]


  • The hidden Heatwave found in the cave has the model of the Scatterbound Heatwave, but it functions like a regular Heatwave.