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A screenshot of Argyle.
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Halo Infinite

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UNSC Argyle Gift[1]

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Human starship interior

Recommended number of players:

8 (4v4)[2]

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An incredible feat of engineering.

Argyle is a multiplayer arena map for Halo Infinite that was included in the Winter Update.[4] The map was built entirely in Forge and was designed primarily as a 4v4 arena map intended to support stealthy playstyles.[3]

Universe and lore[edit]

Argyle is set within the simulated interior of the UNSC Argyle Gift, a future UNSC starship. This simulated environment is a result in the increased use of military simulation software by defense contractors in the aerospace industry. The technology's robust scenario-geometry engines allow contractors to rapidly prototype full-scale ship designs and refit upgrades.[1]


Argyle is a symmetrical map characterised by its long, wide-open hallway that connects the two bases, giving both sides a clear sightline between each other. Behind each base is a ramp leading to a more enclosed lower level, and a Gravity Lift leading to a small high-up battlement that is home to a Grappleshot. To the left of each base is an elevated walkway over a bottomless pit, with a Sniper Rifle in the corner.

The central area of the map is wide open and set at a lower elevation than the rest of the map. Its key feature is a floating platform in the middle, featuring an Active Camouflage pickup on the platform and a Repulsor below it. Flanking each side of the map are hallways which generally feature open views towards the center of the map but plenty of cover when traversing the halls themselves. A small vent passageway provides access to the aforementioned Active Camo platform.

Production notes[edit]

  • Alongside Detachment, Argyle is one of two Forge-made multiplayer maps that came to matchmaking with Halo Infinite's Winter Update, being created and tested internally at 343 Industries.[3]
  • This map is built on the Void Forge canvass.
  • Argyle was designed by Randy Croson, with the art pass done by Evan Colson.[2]
  • Pre-release footage and screenshots show that an Energy Sword was originally intended to be placed on the floating platform in the center of the map, replaced in final by an Active Camouflage.