Writh Kul

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Writh Kul
A cut-out of Writh Kul.
Biographical information


Tower of Vet'nos, A'zhd[1]


During or after May 28, 2560[2]

Cause of death:

Killed in battle by John-117[2]

Personal details


Kig-Yar (Ruuhtian)



Political and military information




Writh Kul was a Ruuhtian Kig-Yar Skirmisher in service with the Banished. She was assigned to Delta Pack of the Third Combat Element within the Thieves of the Claw. During the Human-Covenant War, Writh Kul served the Covenant in the role of naval combat architect. After the war, she turned to salvaging, but would eventually seek out Atriox to join the Banished.[1] Writh participated in the Installation 07 conflict in early 2560, during which she was killed by John-117.[2]


Early life

Writh Kul was born in the Tower of Vet'nos on the asteroid of A'zhd. This city was one of the few on the asteroid to have remained unaffected by the constant threat of piracy. At some point, Writh would enlist in the Covenant navy, where she could put her impressive intellect and strategic wisdom to good use.[1]

Covenant service

During the Human-Covenant War, Writh Kul would become the shipmistress of the frigate Dagger of Mercy. Shortly after the Great Schism and Tartarus's death in November 2552, Writh's exceptional skill in space warfare helped her rise to prominence within the late Chieftain's inner circle, where she was bestowed the role of naval combat architect. Functioning within this capacity, Writh's tactics would be responsible for the destruction of over 185 UNSC capital ships, making her one of the Covenant's most lethal assets in space.[1]

Post-war activities

Following the collapse of the Covenant, Writh took her frigate and her crew, and continued to ransack and loot Forerunner relics, trading them in the rapidly expanding post-war black market. While this brought her great wealth, Writh desired to return to warfare. She sought out Atriox to join his Banished, and he welcomed the seasoned shipmistress.[1]

Writh would go on to serve as part of Delta Pack within the Third Combat Element of the Thieves of the Claw during the Installation 07 conflict.[1] As Spartan-II John-117 led a resistance on the Halo in 2560, Writh Kul's location would be discovered by the Weapon and shared with the Spartan. At some point during or after May 28, John-117 tracked down and killed Writh Kul.[2]


During the conflict on Installation 07, Writh Kul wielded a modified Needler called the Pinpoint Needler.[2]

In-game information

Halo Infinite

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Target dossier

Writh Kul
HINF WrithTarget.png
Writh Kul was born in the Tower of Vet'nos on the asteroid of A'zhd, one of the only cities of this colony to remain unaffected by the constant threat of piracy. After the Great Schism, her name rose to prominence in Tartarus' circle, largely due to her intellect and strategic wisdom of space warfare, which earned her the role of naval combat architect. Functioning in this capacity, Writh managed to take down over 185 UNSC capital ships, making her one of the most lethal Covenant assets in space. When the Covenant finally came to an end, however, Writh took her frigate Dagger of Mercy and its crew, and continued ransacking Forerunner relic sites and trading them in the burgeoning post-war, cross-species black market. Although lucrative, she desired to return to warfare and sought out Atriox, for placement in the Banished.
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Weapon: Pinpoint Needler


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