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Ik'novus on Installation 07. Courtesy of Nakai (CovenantCanon) on Twitter.
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During or after May 28, 2560[1]

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Killed in battle by John-117[1]

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Ik'novus, also known as Ik'novus the Devourer, was a sadistic Jiralhanae Chieftain in service of the Banished. One of the mercenary group's most experienced members, Ik'novus—along with his pack, Warial's Wrath—joined the Banished late in the Human-Covenant War.[2] Ik'novus participated in the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, during which time he was tracked down and killed by Spartan-II John-117.[1]


Covenant service[edit]

Ik'novus served within the Covenant military during the Human-Covenant War, most notably in the Battle of Jericho VII where he assisted in the utter destruction of several human cities. While serving under under the command of the Chieftain known as Avitus, Ik'novus became infamous for his particularly violent and sadistic nature, including a penchant for consuming the severed limbs of still-living opponents. This habit led him to acquire the title "Ik'novus the Devourer." Ik'novus eventually earned a place as Chieftain and the leader the pack called Warial's Wrath.[2]

Splitting from the Covenant[edit]

Late in the war, Ik'novus and his pack broke away from the Covenant, but they continued to target and lay waste to human settlements. In 2550 he and Warial's Wrath joined the Banished. After this, Ik'novus began to indiscriminately target any species or faction that stood in his way.[2]

He and his pack fought under Escharum during the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, serving as part of Fourth Lance in the First Combat Element of the Warial's Wrath. He was finally killed by Spartan-II John-117 after his extreme reputation caused him to be identified as a high value target by The Weapon.[2][1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Ik'novus had a violent and bloodthristy nature. This led to a penchant for eating the severed limbs of his opponents while they watched on in agony.[2]


During the conflict on Installation 07, Ik'novus carried a Scrap Cannon and a modified Flaktura Workshop Skewer, called a Volatile Skewer.[2][1]


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