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Biographical information


Zomar, Teash[1]


During or after May 28, 2560[2]

Cause of death:

Killed in battle by John-117[2]

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Political and military information




Notable info:

Co-founded the Banished.[1]


En'Geddon was a Jiralhanae Chieftain who co-founded the Banished alongside Atriox and Decimus.[1] He participated in the Installation 07 conflict in early 2560 where he was killed by Spartan-II John-117.[2]


Early life and Covenant service

En'Geddon was born in Zomar, a major city on the Jiralhanae colony-moon of Teash where much of his clan, the Bulwark of Bone, was located. He would go on to join the Covenant military and serve during the Human-Covenant War.[1]

While still a mere foot soldier, En'Geddon fought during the invasion of the human colony known as Algolis. It was here that he served alongside Atriox and Decimus. When the two Jiralhanae decided to revolt against the Covenant, En'Geddon joined them.[1]

Banished loyalty

In order to serve Atriox to his full potential, En'Geddon returned to his clan in Zomar, rallying them to join the Banished alongside him. Forging the role of Chieftain for himself, he returned to the Banished as leader of the Bulwark of Bone, now a distinctive subset of warriors within the Banished. It was here that En'Geddon would gain his destructive renown. He would carve a violent path through dozens of human colonies, most notably Seaford and Vuryonos, large-scale raiding operation that left the planets crippled.[1]

These actions caused En'Geddon to come under attention of the UNSC during the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, for which the Chieftain was present. Ultimately, he was identified and located by the Weapon, who passed this information on to Spartan-II John-117.[1][2] The Spartan proceeded to track down and kill En'Geddon, as well as the forces accompanying him.[2]


During the Installation 07 conflict, En'Geddon wielded a modified variant of the gravity hammer called the Rushdown Hammer.[1][2]

In-game information

Halo Infinite

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Target dossier

En'Geddon's HVT profile
En'Geddon parted ways with the Covenant alongside both Atriox and Decimus, a mere foot soldier of the alien alliance until his service in the Banished unlocked his true potential. Upon returning his clan in Zomar, a major city on the Jiralhanae colony-moon of Teash, En'Geddon rallied those who had remained to join the Banished, forging his identity as their chieftain. And it was here, that this savage leader began to gain his destructive renown. Like other Banished leaders. En'Geddon led a distinctive subset of warriors, the Bulwark of Bone, gathering its own followers before coming to service of Atriox's campaign. In the Banished, the chieftain proceeded to carve a violent path through dozens of human colonies, most notably Seaford and Vuryonos, large-scale raiding operations that left the worlds crippled in their wake.
Rushdown Hammer icon extracted from Infinite's game files and converted from linear to sRGB colour space.

Weapon: Rushdown Hammer


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  1. ^ In Halo Infinite, the TACMAP describes En'Geddon as the leader of the Ravaged Tusks (erroneously spelled as Ravaged Tusk), while his Target profile describes him as the leader of the Bulwark of Bone. The 2022 Halo Encyclopedia states that En'Geddon led the Bulwark of Bone clan, and also specifically describes Ballas as having been Chieftain of the Ravaged Tusks for over two decades prior to the Installation 07 conflict, making it highly likely that the TACMAP description is in error.


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