Horn of Abolition

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This article is about the Halo Infinite side mission. For the Banished Outpost, see Horn of Abolition (location).
Intercepted signal telemetry suggests this Banished outpost may serve a vital function in their communications and tracking operations
Horn of Abolition
Horn of Abolition


Halo Infinite




On or after May 28, 2560[1]


Horn of Abolition, Installation 07


  • Destroy the communications array

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Horn of Abolition is an optional side mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. It is part of the Connections section of the campaign and becomes available after the main campaign mission Conservatory. Completing it earns the player 100 points of valor.


The Master Chief attacks the Horn of Abolition in order to destroy a vital communications array.


The Chief approaches the Horn of Abolition.

  • Weapon: "We're approaching the comms station we detected - the Horn of Abolition. It's blasting out tons of signals. Including decrypted UNSC transmissions and triangulation data. They track marines here."

The Chief enters the compound. Alarms begin to blare. Security gates are raised.

  • Weapon: "We triggered a lockdown. They're not letting this facility go without a fight. All the more reason to take that array apart. Let's get that lockdown lifted."

The Chief engages the Banished troops guarding the Horn. An Unggoy officer shouts orders over a loudspeaker.

  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Intruder detected! Secure the Horn of Abolition! Lock it the heck down!"
  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Secure all classified data caches! Transmit to the House of Reckoning and then SET 'EM ON FIRE!"
  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "If the Horn falls, I'll likely be killed, so - y'know, make sure it doesn't!"

The Chief finds the building that contains the lockdown controls. The doors are sealed, so he enters through an opening in the roof. After eliminating the Banished personnel inside, he accesses the controls and lifts the facility's lockdown.

  • Weapon: "That handles the lockdown. And I've located the main control console for the facility. Let's go."
  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Attention! Not my fault, but - the security lockdown was lifted? Somehow? Again: not my fault!"

A Phantom arrives and deploys enemy reinforcements.

The Chief fights his way to the Horn's control center, which the comms array is mounted on top of. Inside, he encounters a Sangheili Warlord, as well as a pair of ceiling-mounted automated defense turrets. He defeats these enemies and then proceeds to access the main control console.

  • Weapon: "Great. The array's panels are exposed. Now we just have to... Not good. Banished reinforcements inbound, Chief!"

The Chief heads back outside and engages the Banished reinforcements.

  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Protect the array! If it falls, we're dead! Do you hear me? DEAD!"

The Chief eliminates the majority of the reinforcements.

  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Listen to me! Send everyone! EVERYONE! Kill that stupid Spartan! Protect the array!"

Additional enemy reinforcements arrive. The Chief fights them off as he begins targeting the array's now exposed power cells.

The Chief destroys one of the power cells.

  • Weapon: "That's working! Three more to go."
  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Our stuff! Our beautiful, expensive stuff!"

The Chief destroys another power cell.

  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "HEY! Stop messin' with our crap, human!"

Drop pods are deployed and another Phantom arrives, delivering more enemy troops.

The Chief destroys a third power cell.

  • Unggoy Officer (loudspeaker): "Defend the array! If it fails, we're ALL gettin' airlocked!"

The Chief destroys the fourth and final power cell.

  • Weapon: "Comms array destroyed. You made life for the surviving UNSC personnel on this Ring a little safer. There are still scanning towers in operation around the Ring, but they'll be less effective without the nerve center. Good work!"

Mission is completed.



  • While the Master Chief is destroying the power cells, the subtitles incorrectly refer to the Unggoy Officer as "Brute Officer".