Horn of Abolition (location)

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This article is about the Banished outpost on Installation 07. For the Halo Infinite mission, see Horn of Abolition.
Horn of Abolition
The Horn of Abolition on Zeta Halo.

The Horn of Abolition was a Banished outpost on Installation 07 under the command of Unggoy Commander Jopmop[1]. It was responsible for Banished communications and acted as a listening post against the UNSC.[2] It was destroyed by Master Chief during the conflict on Zeta Halo.[3]


At some point during the Banished occupation, some Marines attacked the outpost and managed to destroy part of the installation with a single C-12 shaped charge. Although the sabotage failed, Codename: POINTER identified a vulnerability in the damaged comms array, allowing POINTER to send polyband burst transmission at cycling intervals, in an attempt to reach FIXER and allow FIXER to key in on enough of the cypher to relay the UNSC data from Installation 07.[4]

Later, a Forerunner resonance amplifier was found nearby after interrogating some marines, allowing the Horn greater scanning power to find UNSC remnants.[5]

On May 28, 2560, John-117 arrived on the fragmented section of Zeta Halo. Some time after he stormed the Tower and killed Chak 'Lok, the Master Chief attacked the Horn of Abolition. The Banished sent waves of reinforcements to defend the outpost, but the Chief fended them all off and destroyed the Horn's sensor array. The Weapon noted that without the Horn acting as a nerve center, the other Banished scanning towers around the Ring would be less effective.[3]


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