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Excavation Site

The Tower
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c. May 28, 2560[1]


The Tower, Installation 07



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Investigate the UNSC distress signal.

The Tower is the fifth campaign main mission in Halo Infinite, under the second campaign section "Lockdown", and the second half of a multi-stage mission started in Recovery.


This well-fortified stronghold was once a central processing and interrogation site for UNSC prisoners captured by the Banished throughout the Ring. But since the fall of its warden Chak 'Lok, this hulking structure now lay silent.[Note 1]

John-117 tracked the UNSC signal to a Banished facility known as the Tower. Its warden, Chak 'Lok, denied the Spartan access into the Tower by putting the outpost on lockdown. With guidance from the Weapon, John-117 lifted the lockdown, and entered the Tower via the gravity lift at its base. Inside, John-117 discovered Spartan Hudson Griffin being restrained and tortured. Although Chak 'Lok intervened, he was killed in battle against John-117. Upon being freed, Griffin told John-117 of the Banished's search for the Conservatory at the excavation site north of the Tower, but passed away shortly.



John-117 approaches the Tower.

  • Weapon: "I guess Tower was a more than appropriate name. Look at that place. The signal's coming from within that main structure. Somewhere up top. We're going to need to find a way in."

The Chief breaches the Tower's outer perimeter, either by going through the main gate, or entering a service corridor in the side of the facility.

  • Jiralhanae 2: "He's here for the asset! Send word to Chak 'Lok! He must not pass!"
  • Jiralhanae 3: "You won't leave this Tower alive, human!"

The Chief engages the Banished in the Tower's courtyard. During the battle, he comes across a number of captive marines, whom he frees.

The Tower's gravity lift suddenly shuts down. A massive hologram of a Sangheili Warlord appears in its place.

  • Chak 'Lok (hologram): "So, the Demon is here. Did you think I would let you walk right into my Tower? My Tower?! I think not. My facility is locked down. There is nothing you can do here... except die."

Hologram vanishes.

  • John-117: "He seems confident."
  • Weapon: "Yes he does, but fortunately it's misplaced. When the lockdown triggered there was a power spike in what I presume was a security building. I've marked it on the map."

If the Chief stalls:

  • Weapon: "We need to deactivate the lockdown."


  • Weapon: "We're not getting into the Tower while the lockdown is still active."

The Chief approaches the security building.

  • Weapon: "This is it. Let's find a way in."


  • Weapon: "This is where the lockdown was triggered."

The Chief enters the security building and goes upstairs where he locates a terminal. He deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


The Weapon studies a hologram of the Tower.

  • Weapon: "The lockdown protocol should be simple to reverse. Let me see. Three, two, one..."

She snaps her fingers. The hologram of the Tower turns from red to green.

  • Weapon: "Done." (suddenly concerned) "Oh."
  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Weapon: "This... this place is an interrogation facility run by our Elite friend back there. Chak 'Lok. His reputation is... not good."
  • John-117: "Neither is mine."

He retrieves the Weapon.


  • Weapon: "You're going to need to manually activate the gravity lift. I've marked it on your map."

The Chief heads back outside to reactivate the gravity lift. Gydrozka Workshop Breaching Pods land in the courtyard, bringing enemy reinforcements.

  • Weapon: "This location acts as a holding facility. Prisoners are captured, funneled through to Chak 'Lok and then on to somewhere they call the House of Reckoning. Which is... suitably ominous and Banished sounding."

If the Chief stalls:

  • Weapon: "Remember. We can't get up there without activating the gravity lift."


  • Weapon: "Find a way to activate the gravity lift."

The Chief locates the controls for the gravity lift and reactivates it. Additional Banished reinforcements show up via drop pods and Banished Phantoms. The Chief and any marines he's freed (or brought with him) engage the attackers while the lift powers back up.

Once most of the reinforcements have been dealt with:

  • Weapon: "Let's go. The gravity lift's powered up."

The Chief enters the gravity lift and arrives inside the Tower's main structure. He sees a pile of Spartan armor and other UNSC gear.

  • Weapon: "Chief... more Spartan armor. And the source of the UNSC distress call. We're too late."

The Chief inspects the empty set of Spartan armor. He picks up a piece of equipment and examines it.

  • Weapon: "A deployable Threat Sensor. It appears to lock onto and highlight any targets in range. Could be useful."

The Threat Sensor is integrated into the Chief's armor.

  • Weapon: "This armor belonged to a Spartan named Hudson Griffin. Sensor logs suggest he was alive when the armor was removed. Forcibly. It's a longshot... but he might still be alive."

An alarm starts blaring. A previously locked door opens up, revealing a Jiralhanae Berserker and a pair of Unggoy. The Chief kills these enemies and heads through the door.

Chak 'Lok addresses the Chief over the loudspeaker.

  • Chak 'Lok (loudspeaker): "You have overreached, Demon. This is not a place to come by choice. I await you. Eagerly."
  • Weapon: "He's... about what you would expect. For an Elite. Who specializes in torture."

The Chief heads deeper into the Tower, killing any Banished troops in his path.

  • Unggoy: "If we don't kill him, Chak 'Lok is DEFINITELY killing us!"
  • Sangheili: "Do you seek our prize, Spartan? You will not reach it."

As the Chief continues his search for Spartan Griffin, Chak 'Lok addresses him over the loudspeaker again.

  • Chak 'Lok (loudspeaker): "Escharum was correct. So easy. A signal. A lure. And the Master Chief comes running. I wish only that I would have time to enjoy you. Time to learn your secrets. Peel back your visage and expose your weakness."

After fighting through more Banished troops, the Chief comes across an interrogation chamber containing a large machine at its center. Looking through the energy barrier, the Chief sees a human trapped inside the machine.

  • Spartan Griffin: (groans in pain)
  • Weapon: "Oh no. Spartan Griffin! He's still alive."
  • John-117: "We need to get him out of there. Where's Chak 'Lok?"
  • Weapon: "Unknown."


Master Chief's POV: He forces the doors to the interrogation chamber open and steps inside. Chak 'Lok, who has been standing atop one of the machine's jaw-like contraptions, decloaks, energy sword in hand.

  • Chak 'Lok: "Welcome to my Tower, Master Chief."

He jumps down, spinning himself with a flourish.

  • Chak 'Lok: "It is where you will be broken."

He jumps down again and brandishes his energy sword.

  • Chak 'Lok: "It is where you will give up your secrets."

Chak 'Lok reengages his active camouflage.


For Chak 'Lok's dialogue during the fight, see here.
  • Spartan Griffin: (groans in pain)
  • Chak 'Lok: "Ah, much better."

The walls surrounding the chamber raise themselves, allowing Chak 'Lok to move freely about.

  • Weapon: "The walls retracted. Watch your back! He could come from anywhere!"
  • Weapon: "Griffin's Threat Sensor can help you locate Chak 'Lok."
  • Weapon: "Chak 'Lok's cloaked. Hard to see. Use the Threat Sensor."
  • Weapon: "Use the Threat Sensor, Chief."

Chak 'Lok is a fast and cunning foe, who uses his active camouflage to get the drop on the Chief at every opportunity. However, the Chief uses Griffin's Threat Sensor to even the playing field. Eventually, the Master Chief prevails and kills Chak 'Lok.

The Chief finds the terminal controlling the torture machine and deploys the Weapon.


Spartan Griffin is trapped behind an energy barrier and suspended in midair by energy shackles around his arms and legs. He continues to groan in pain.

  • John-117: "Shut this thing down."
  • Weapon: "Working on it... Okay. Be ready - I'm going to cut him loose."

There's a pulse of energy, and the machine shuts down. Spartan Griffin's limp body falls into the Master Chief's arms.

  • Spartan Griffin: (weakly) "It's you. You're alive-"

The Chief sets him down. Griffin is barely clinging to life.

  • Spartan Griffin: "Chief. The Banished. I tried to stop them. I tried to..."
  • John-117: "Easy. You're safe now."
  • Spartan Griffin: "The Banished, they... they have something they call the Conservatory. That's all I know. I was picked up north of here. Dig site. I couldn't stop them... but you can. You have to."
  • John-117: "Consider it done."
  • Spartan Griffin: "That's good. Good. The others- The Spartans. Did you..."

Griffin succumbs to his injuries.

Focus in on the Master Chief.

  • John-117: "I'll find them."
  • Pilot (COM): "Echo 216. All channels. Can you hear me? I repeat. Can you hear me?"

Disheartened by Griffin's death, John doesn't answer.

  • Weapon: (quietly) "Chief?"
  • Pilot (COM): "Big guy. Your motion tracker isn't moving. (frustrated groan) Come on. Come on! Give me anything."

Scene shifts to focus on the Weapon.

  • Weapon: "Chief, I..."

She trails off, not certain what to say.

  • Pilot (COM): "Respond! Please. Did you find the source of the signal? Whatever's down there either has to come with us or be left behind. Can you hear me?"

Scene rotates around so that both the Weapon and the Chief are in the shot.

  • Weapon: "A dig site on the Ring? This Conservatory must be some sort of Forerunner installation. What do you suppose they're after?"

John finally looks up.

  • John-117: "It's time to go."

He retrieves the Weapon.

Level ends.


The following achievements can be unlocked on The Tower across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
Achievement art for "Visionary". Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Visionary Unlocked the Threat Sensor ability.
Halo Infinite Achievement Fallen achievement art Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Fallen Followed the UNSC signal to a Banished stronghold called the Tower. Found the source. Got out alive.



  1. ^ This is a description of the Tower itself that appears after the mission is complete. The events of the actual mission are summarized in Recovery.


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