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During or after May 28, 2560[1]

Cause of death:

Killed in battle by John-117[1]

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Myriad was a Mgalekgolo bond brother pair in service of the Banished. They were present for the Banished occupation of Installation 07 in 2560 where they served as part of the Fifth Lance in the First Combat Element within the Hordeworms of Svir.[2] During this conflict, Myriad was killed by John-117.[1]


Banished service

Myriad, like Colony—another bond brother pair serving the Banished—and the Swarmlords serving under Ke 'Nzahz in his ex-Covenant Evocati order, represented a peculiar behavioral evolution in Mgalekgolo, trending from a more subservient hivemind to a more individualized identity and intelligence.[2] Unlike Colony, Myriad did not demonstrate the same level of command authority to the point of commanding all Lekgolo forces in its respective theatre; instead simply tasked as the leaders of the Fifth Lance in the First Combat Element of the Hordeworms of Svir.[3][2]

During this time, the pair came under the attention of the United Nations Space Command for previously having been responsible for the deaths of two full fireteams of Spartan-IVs.[2][4] This led to them being identified as high-value targets by the Weapon, who passed their information on to Spartan-II John-117. After tracking them down, the Spartan killed both Myriad and the Banished forces accompanying them.[1]


During the Installation 07 conflict, Myriad carried modified Cindershots called Backdraft Cindershots.[2] However, it is unknown how the Mgalekgolo pair made use of these weapons in combat as they did not field them in their battle with John-117.[1]

In-game information

Halo Infinite

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Target dossier

HINF MyriadTarget.png
Recent reports on the Lekgolo species have revealed some rather interesting - and in some cases unsettling — observations, in particular related to the strain of combat-ready forms known as Mgalekgolo, We’ve noticed a behavioral evolution in scattered instances trending towards a more individualized identity and intelligence, rather than simply an order-following hivemind. We encountered this in recent years with the Swarmlords that served alongside a dangerous independent faction of ex-Covenant evocati led by Ke 'Nzahz, as well as classified reports of a bond-pair known simply as Colony. Our current attentions have turned towards a unified bond-pair called Myriad. Single-handedly responsible for the deaths of two S-IV fireteams, Myriad represents not only an immediate danger to UNSC forces, but also another dangerous precedent in the species’ evolution.
Backdraft Condershot icon extracted from Infinite's game files and converted from linear to sRGB colour space.

Weapon: Backdraft Cindershot


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