Ke 'Nzahz's Evocati

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A Sangheili warrior and a Mgalekgolo Swarmlord under Ke 'Nzahz's faction.

Ke 'Nzahz's Evocati are an unnamed order of ex-Covenant Evocati warriors led by the eponymous Colonel Ke 'Nzahz. They are one of many Covenant remnant groups active in the post-war era, and have been involved in hostilities with the United Nations Space Command on at least one occaision - leading to them being observed and recorded in a threat database compiled by the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1] Several of the higher-profile members of the order - including two Swarmlord Mgalekgolo bond-pairs - were implemented by the UNSC into War Games simulations to serve as training for Spartan supersoldiers.[2]

In these simulations, members of Ke 'Nzahz's group don harnesses with white colouration and purple lighting. The Mgalekgolo forms encountered don a similar colouration in their armour plating, with the Lekgolo worms themselves displaying a purple colouration as opposed to the standard orange.[2]


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