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Swarmlord Nakagagalit in a Warzone simulation.

Swarmlord is a Mgalekgolo title for elders who lead swarms of Lekgolo.[1][2]



Swarmlords consist of the two individual members of a given Mgalekolo bond brother pairing, each demonstrating a number of behavioural characteristics different to standard Mgalekgolo. Rather than simply acting as a hivemind following orders, Swarmlords tend toward a more individusised form of identity and intelligence.[2] As such, Swarmlords tend to find themselves leading forces of other Lekgolo such as the Hordeworms of Svir, or the detachment of Lekgolo deployed by the Banished on Installation 00. They are capable of demanding a level of coordination from Lekgolo not afforded to regular commanders, such as forcing bond brother pairs to form a Goliath form even at their own expense.[3][4]

In the case of the Swarmlords employed by Ke 'Nzahz's Evocati, they don Ultra-class armor with white colouration and blue-purple lights. Additionally, these Lekgolo are purple in colouration as opposed to the usual orange.[1] Swarmlords in Banished service display comparatively little morphological or visual differences compared to standard Mgalekgolo.

Known Swarmlords[edit]

By 2560, a handful of Swarmlords have been encountered by the United Nations Space Command, and recorded by Office of Naval Intelligence analysts - who noted their behavioural differences.[2] A handful served in a remnant faction of ex-Covenant Evocati led by Ke 'Nzahz,[2] and were later incorporated into War Games simulations for training purposes.[1] Two Swarmlord bond-brother pairs serve in the Banished.

Ke 'Nzahz's Evocati


In Halo 5: Guardians, the individual Lekgolo that make up a Swarmlord are a purple color, instead of the usual orange.[1]

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