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Ironclads are a type of Mgalekgolo employed by the Ironclad pack, a subordinate unit within the Banished.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Ironclad Mgalekgolo are one of the most infamous units within the Ironclad pack. They were deployed during the Second Ark Conflict during a particular battle known as Occatio Blitz, in which four Ironclad Hunters escorted a Banished tank crew across treacherous terrain. The convoy made its way to human lines and successfully broke them, seizing the vital resources for Let 'Volir. Ironclad Mgalekgolo continue to be deployed by the Banished commanders across all campaign fronts.[1]


Hunter Ironclads are an unlockable Blitz card and deployable as a unit in the Blitz mode of Halo Wars 2.

  • Leader: Atriox
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Cost to deploy: Blitz Energy 60
  • Ability: Guard - This unit covers nearby allies, receiving all damage they would normally take.

The Ironclad Hunters are classed as anti-vehicle, and performs well against vehicles and not against infantry, buildings and aircraft. Additionally, while at critical health the Ironclad Hunters also benefit from healing that their guarded allies receive, regardless of if the unit being guarded is at full health or not.


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