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A United Nations Space Command force stopped in their tracks by Living Barrier fortifications.

The Living Barrier is a type of fortification employed by Colony, a Mgalekgolo Swarmlord serving the Banished. They consist of structures similar to dragon's teeth, filled with Lekgolo worms.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

Living Barrier structures house the worms inside their shell, blocking armoured units from crossing their path while the worms themselves are able to attack anything that comes close. The Living Barrier came about as a result of Colony's rapport with Huragok technicians, allowing the barrier to act as a Lekgolo cluster and communicator capable of acting as a forward scout to enhance Colony's awareness of a given area and impede enemy forces. Unfortunately, this employment of Lekgolo worms also reduces their lifespan massively.[1][2]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars 2[edit]

    • Living Barrier I: Drops down a wall of Lekgolo filled caltrops to halt enemy ground units.
      • Population Cost: Population 0
      • Supply Cost: Supplies 0
      • Power Cost: Power 0
      • Cooldown: 90 seconds
    • Living Barrier II: Increases length, strength, and duration including energy shielding.
      • Population Cost: Population 0
      • Supply Cost: Supplies 0
      • Power Cost: Power 0
      • Cooldown: 90 seconds

In Halo Wars 2, the Living Barrier is a leader power available for Colony, and can be unlocked immediately upon the game's start, with one additional upgrade. When deployed, the player may choose a line of deployment for the barriers, which are then dropped from orbit to block off a section of the map. The barriers provide visibility into the fog of war, damage nearby enemies, and can be upgraded to have energy shields - though can also be destroyed by enemy forces.

Phoenix Log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Living Barrier
Phoenix log artwork

Dragon's teeth

Colony has a suprising rapport with the Huragok ("Engineer") technicians, though the specifics of their communication are indecipherable to others. Among the results of their collaboration are a unique form of vehicle barricade containing a Lekgolo cluster and communicator, which can be drop deployed directly on the battlefield to both impede enemy mobility and extend the awareness of Colony and it's field commanders. Unfortunately, the lifespan of the Lekgolo is drastically shortened when abused in this way.


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