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A Power Node on Installation 00.

The Power Node is a Forerunner structure present on Installation 00. Due to the Ark's need for self-sufficiency, much of the structure's power lies in the vast subterranean web of power structures beneath its surface. These external power nodes were designed to provide auxiliary power during repairs or emergencies, giving those in control of them a steady flow of power resources.[1]

During the Second Ark Conflict, stranded light years from any support, both the UNSC and the Banished have realized the strategic importance of Forerunner power nodes. Eschewing the Covenant's reverence for Forerunner artifacts, Atriox has no compunction of taking control of them for his own ends, and many a battle involves a desperate scramble to capture power nodes before the enemy can.[1]


In gameplay, Forerunner Power Nodes serve as minor objectives scattered across the map. They are typically defended by 3-5 Aggressor Sentinels, who remain neutral to players unless provoked by attempting to attack them or capture the Power Node. Once the Sentinels are dispatched, an infantry unit must be assigned to capture the point - once taken, the point will begin to generate power like a UNSC Generator or Banished Power Extractor.


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