Strix-class harrier

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Strix-class harrier
An illustration of a Strix-class harrier.
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Onboard ancilla[1]

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Forerunner-Flood war




The Strix-class harrier was a classification of light capital warship employed by the Forerunners.[1]


Design details[edit]

Strix-class harriers are outfitted with onboard ancillas. The ancilla outfitted on Strix vessels were considered ruthlessly efficient, and often ready to sacrifice for even the smallest measure of tactical gain.[1]


The Strix-class were classified as third-order vessels in the Forerunners' orders of battle.[2][Note 1] They were employed as escorts for larger ships such as the Fortress-class vessel, and as carriers for smaller flocks of weapon-ships. Strix-class harriers were generally deployed in gargantuan quantities to distract, interdict and excise specific targets from larger enemy forces.[1]

48 Strix-class harriers were equipped as part of the complement of the keyship Anodyne Spirit.[3]


  1. ^ While the Warfleet glossary only discusses Harriers in general being classed as third-order warships, the Strix-class is the only Harrier classification mentioned in the book. The introduction of more Harrier classes in subsequent media means this statement is likely specific to the Strix.


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