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Harrier-class vessel
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Forerunner-Flood war


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Harrier-class vessels,[1] also known as attack harriers[2] or simply harriers,[3] were relatively small and maneuverable Forerunner warships used for interception and containment.[4] They possessed cloaking systems allowing them to remain undetected to enemy sensors. Their armament included a form of beam weapon, as well as gravity slings which allowed them to turn asteroids or other objects into projectiles.[3]


During the later years of the Forerunner-Flood war, the Falchion's forces stationed at the 78th Thema included 700,000 Harriers, deployed from twelve Fortress-class vessels serving as apex control stations. The harriers acted as the primary offensive element of the Falchion's fleet, launching a number of swift precision strikes against the incoming Flood ships,[3] allowing the Forerunners to eventually emerge victorious in the battle.[2] A large number of Strix-class harriers, supported by numerous sentinels, also defended the greater Ark during the Flood's attack.[2] The Keyship Anodyne Spirit possessed a number of Harriers as part of its complement.[5]

Two Created harriers participated in the Battle of Netherop, attacking both the Swords of Sanghelios and the Banished. Thel 'Vadam was able to destroy one using the Precursor weapon known as the Divine Hand, but one escaped to report back to the Created.[6]


  • Acolyte-class - Fourth-order harrier that deployed sentinels and weapon-ships to overwhelm capital ships.[7]
  • Strix-class - Third-order harriers piloted by ancilla and used en masse within Forerunner fleets.[7]

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