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Harrier-class vessel
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Attack vessel

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Forerunner-Flood war


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Harrier-class vessels,[1] also known as attack harriers[2] or simply harriers,[3] were relatively small and maneuverable Forerunner warships used for interception and containment.[4] They possessed cloaking systems allowing them to remain undetected to enemy sensors. Their armament included a form of beam weapon, as well as gravity slings which allowed them to turn asteroids or other objects into projectiles.[3]


During the later years of the Forerunner-Flood war, the Falchion's forces stationed at the 78th Thema included 700,000 Harriers, deployed from twelve Fortress-class vessels serving as apex control stations. The harriers acted as the primary offensive element of the Falchion's fleet, launching a number of swift precision strikes against the incoming Flood ships,[3] allowing the Forerunners to eventually emerge victorious in the battle.[2] A large number of Strix-class harriers, supported by numerous sentinels, also defended the greater Ark during the Flood's attack.[2] The Keyship Anodyne Spirit possessed a number of Harriers as part of its complement.[5]


  • Acolyte-class - Fourth-order harrier that deployed sentinels and weapon-ships to overwhelm capital ships.[6]
  • Strix-class - Third-order harriers piloted by ancilla and used en masse within Forerunner fleets.[6]

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