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Gargantua-class transport
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The Gargantua-class transport was a class of enormous Forerunner vessel. Noted as resembling a fish in general shape,[1] they were used by the Lifeworkers to transport their specimens during the Conservation Measure.[2]


During the Flood's attack on the greater Ark, the Librarian ordered 343 Guilty Spark to use a Gargantua-class transport to transport organisms — both living specimens and reduced genetic composites — from the greater Ark to Omega Halo.[2] After the Ur-Didact harvested Omega Halo's human population using the Composer, 343 Guilty Spark took the surviving humans aboard his Gargantua-class vessel to Installation 00, the lesser Ark; he also saved the IsoDidact from the destruction of Omega Halo.[3] Upon arrival at the lesser Ark, Spark sent that ship to Erde-Tyerene at the Librarian's request.[4] At Earth, the Librarian had the ship disassemble itself and, along with necessary components mined from the Earth, construct the Portal at Voi, a slipspace gateway to Installation 00.[5] For protection, Spark sent two Aggressor Sentinels, one of which returned with Chant-to-Green while the other remained behind on Earth. The Sentinel that remained behind would form the basis for a platform in a Forerunner complex containing an imprint of the Librarian.[6]

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