Long Reverence

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Long Reverence is a Fortress-class vessel originally built by the Forerunners and presently in the service of the Created.[1]

Service history[edit]

In November 2559, Long Reverence was under the command of the artificial intelligence Kathara, the Six Sector Fleet Overseer stationed in the Zamaru system. After High Auxiliary Sloan noticed a suspicious number of slipspace transits to the Ephyra system - home to Netherop and the Guardian Custode-killing superweapon the Divine Hand - he attempted to petition Kathara to move Long Reverence to the system to investigate. However, Kathara refused - noting that Sloan's accelerating rampancy had caused him to request such twice already, and that a picket of three Acolyte-class harriers would be more than sufficient to deal with the meagre United Nations Space Command and Swords of Sanghelios ships already there. Additionally, due to the extremely small amount of warships operated by the Created, she did not believe sending Long Reverence to Netherop would be a productive use of the ship.[1]

However, this was interrupted by a report sent from one of the Ephyra system's harriers alerting the Created to the firing of the Divine Hand and the destruction of the entire Sangheili flotilla. Realising that the threat was real, Kathara immediately changed her mind and authorised Long Reverence to depart for Netherop at once - estimated to arrive within four hours.[1] However, the forces on the ground were able to evacuate Netherop before Long Reverence could arrive.[2]

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