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Mining ship
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  • Excavation
  • Cutting
  • Heavy lifting
  • Ore prospecting
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Forerunner-Flood war


Forerunner ecumene


Mining ships were vessels used by Forerunner Miners.[1]


Mining ships were used to excavate and carry ore and minerals using an array of grapplers, lifters, cutters, and churners on their undersides. When conducting mining operations, these ships were capable of pulverizing large areas of a planet's surface into a whirlwind-like field from which the desired constituent minerals could be filtered and taken into the ship. They also possessed equipment that allowed them to thoroughly scan areas for useful minerals.[1]

The mining ships were noted by Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting to be aesthetically displeasing to the extreme,[1] marking an unusual contrast with the pristine nature of other Forerunner architecture.

Service history[edit]

A mining ship was deployed to Earth during the final years of the Forerunner-Flood war by Bornstellar's surrogate family of Miners in an attempt to find him.[1] However, the search was soon abandoned either due to the bafflers surrounding Djamonkin Crater or to the area's sacred nature.[2]

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