Lifeworker terraforming vessel

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Unidentified terraforming vessel
The Lifeworker terraforming ship on Oasis.
Ship history
From Halo Nation originally. Ecumene




Embedded in an unspecified moon and deactivated.[1]

Ship history
From Halo Nation originally. Created



In service:



Embedded in an unspecified moon, terraforming the desert.[1]


This unidentified terraforming vessel was a type of starship once operated by the Lifeworkers, a rate of the Forerunners charged with preserving and manipulating biological life.[1]


Design details[edit]

The unnamed vessel was originally used by the Lifeworkers of the Forerunner Ecumene. While the vessel's true scope is unknown, a portion of it embedded in a desert moon bears heavy resemblance to the Supernal Spiral-class of keyship also used by the Lifeworkers. The visible portion consists of a tripodal setup similar to the keyship, with a central rounded core capable of emitting some kind of blue energy beam used in the process of terraforming. Surrounding the vessel—both in its dormant and active states[3]—are a series of structures bearing resemblance to the Reformation Spires of Installation 07.[4]

Service history[edit]

Forerunner era[edit]

The vessel was constructed and operated by the Lifeworkers at an unknown time prior to the firing of the Halo Array. It would later become embedded in an unknown desert moon and go dormant—a state in which it would lie for the next one hundred millennia.[1]

Post-war era[edit]

By 2553, the site of the dormant vessel had become occupied by an unknown force of a hostile disposition to the United Nations Space Command. Surveillance was conducted on the site by the Section Three of the Office of Naval Intelligence, though conflicting reconnaissance assessments resulted in the ensuing deployment—codenamed Operation: INTERIOR EXILE—going awry. Three squads were orbitally dropped onto the moon near the site and were subsequently repelled—with agents Hieu Dinh and Padraig being some of the only survivors. A post-operation review of the failed operation by Codename: BAYLEAF would see the agent put in a request to try and deploy a larger force to secure the site—determined not to let such a find fall into enemy hands.[2] This attack was ultimately successful, as by 2560 the UNSC had established an ONI black site near the ship.[5][4]

At the time of INTERIOR EXILE, the site surrounding the vessel was a barren desert.[3] However, by 2560 the vessel would fall under the control of an unnamed artificial intelligence aligned with the Created—who would proceed to reactivate the vessel's creation engines. The AI did this due to a wish to create and bring life to a desolate place, following in the footsteps of the Lifeworkers of old.[2] As a result, the once-barren desert surrounding the vessel began the process of being terraformed—turned into a lush haven complete with trees and other flora.[1][4]


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