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Hieu Dinh
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"You shove one Banished AI into your neural matrix, and everyone panics!"
— Hieu Dinh

Hieu Dinh is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier serving under Commander Laurette Agryna.[5]


ONI service[edit]

Hieu Dinh started his career as a field analyst for Section Three of the Office of Naval Intelligence. During the Human-Covenant War, ONI tasked him with capturing and re-purposing Covenant technology.[2]

After the war, Dinh was part of Operation: INTERIOR EXILE, which would result in failure.[6][7]

Spartan-IV service[edit]

He would eventually be recruited into the SPARTAN-IV program. Shortly thereafter, his fireteam was assigned a mission that had them breach and raid a fledgling Yanme'e hive inside of a derelict Forerunner structure. The raid was ultimately a disaster; Dinh escaped with severe wounds, but the rest of his team perished.[3][4] Dinh was left scarred by this experience in the Yanme'e hive, though his close call with death left him resilient in similarly-perilous scenarios. Later on, he would work alongside Laurette Agryna as they both earned experience as Spartans.[8][3][4] After the rise of the Created, Dinh fought against the Banished in several close-quarters engagements, including boarding actions. At some point, he would meet Spartan Sigrid Eklund during the Vihar collapse.[9]


During the Created conflict, between 2559 and 2560, Spartans Dinh and Eklund were deployed to one of several Banished shipbreaking yards in the Chiltift Basin on Camber.[2][3][4] This particular facility was a former UNSC fleet depot that the Banished took over.[2] Eklund and Dinh began scouting out the location, using intermittent dust storms as cover. At some point, the two Spartans spilt up, but planned to regroup and move deeper into the facility under the cover of the next dust storm.[3][4] After watching the operation for two days, both Spartans discovered Iratus, the first Banished AI in existence, alongside an archive detailing all Banished operations on the moon. Eklund and Dinh were discovered by Banished forces and managed to hijack an Eklon'Dal Workshop Phantom, but Iratus followed them into their hijacked Phantom, threatening their escape. To have a chance to escape, Dinh allowed Iratus to infect his neural interface, threatening his life.[10]

Hieu Dinh unconscious while under the effects of Iratus.


Both Spartans managed to bring their Phantom into the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, where Eklund informed Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna about their operation on Camber. In an effort to pull Iratus out of Dinh's neural interface, Agryna uploaded a simulation of the Banished facility on Camber into the Academy's combat simulator, and assigned Spartans to participate in the simulation to act as bait, and trap Iratus into an ONI server. The plan was seemingly a success, and Iratus was trapped, saving Dinh's life.[8]


Dinh employs the Mjolnir Rakshasa armor, shaped by his experiences against the Banished and surviving for long periods alone in the field in the wake of the rise of the Created. He wears an Artaius helmet taken from a small run of prototypes intended for a new classification of powered exoskeleton.[2] The helmet is equipped with a TAS/PATTON module. He wore the UTIL/TECCNIQE IOTA-12 on his left shoulder and a Banished war-trophy, the shoulder pad of a Spec Ops Sangheili, on his right one. He also wore the AAP/HEARTPLATE chest attachment and the UA/Type MEP[B] knee pads.


  • Dinh's blood type is likely A+, as shown by a label on his helmet. This label is present on the default Artaius helmet.


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