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Farwatch system[1]


Unidentified gas giant[2]



Human (Non-native)[3]


5.6 million (pre-glassing)[3]





Camber is a former human colony and one of at least two natural satellites of a gas giant in the Farwatch system.[2][1] During the Human-Covenant War it was attacked and glassed by the Covenant's infamous Fleet of Particular Justice.[3] Following the war, the Banished set up shop on Camber, constructing numerous shipbreaking facilities on its glassed surface.[4][5]


Topography and ecology[edit]

Camber had vast blue oceans and large, sprawling continents. One of the largest continents featured a massive desert or plains biome, with greener environments closer to the eastern coast. Camber had breathable air and comfortable gravity for humans.[3] Following the moon's glassing at the hands of the Covenant, large portions of its surface became desolate, but its atmosphere remained intact. Drastic changes to Camber's climate has resulted in frequent storms.[4]



The UNSC's system headquarters.

UNSC powerhouse[edit]

Camber was a major manufacturing center for UNSC Navy fleet materials. As such, it held critical importance to the UNSC war effort and maintained its own grid of orbital defense platforms, as well as a formidable defensive fleet that included Marathon-class heavy cruisers and Paris-class heavy frigates. In one of the colony's cities, the UNSC had a key system headquarters where the 3rd Battalion Reserves were stationed.[3]

Covenant invasion[edit]

Main article: Battle of Camber

By 2542, Camber's location had been discovered by the Covenant, who attacked the colony in that year, targeting various points of strategic value.[4] At least one UNSC fleet depot was destroyed during these initial strikes.[5]

These early attacks set the stage for the Covenant to return to Camber in 2546.[4][1] Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee's Fleet of Particular Justice was deployed with the goal of cleansing the moon of its human inhabitants and destroying the local UNSC headquarters.[3][4] 'Vadamee and his fleet caught UNSC forces completely unprepared, penetrating the defensive fleet's early warning perimeter without alerting UNSC forces. After diverting seventeen of his ships to target key ground targets, 'Vadamee himself participated in the attack on the UNSC's headquarters. The battle was over shortly and Camber was glassed, with only 81,313 of the orignal 5.6 million population surviving.[3] Camber's glassing left large swaths of its surface desolate. Despite this, its atmosphere remained intact, with the moon suffering volatile changes to its climate and frequent storms.[4]

A screenshot of Breaker.
The Banished shipbreaking facility in Chiltift Basin.

Banished occupation[edit]

In the years following Camber's destruction, the Banished moved in and took possession of several UNSC assets that had been left behind. They began to refit and repurpose the ruins into tools to serve their needs.[4] By 2560, the Banished had established an expansive shipbreaking yard on the site of the previously destroyed UNSC fleet depot in Chiltift Basin.[5][6] Here, they melted down titanium with a powerful plasma drill, reforging the material into weapons of war.[4]

During a mission to this facility on Camber, Spartans Hieu Dinh and Sigrid Eklund encountered a Banished artificial intelligence known as Iratus, with Dinh capturing the hostile AI within his armor.[7][5]



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