Chiltift Basin

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A screenshot of Breaker.
A Banished shipbreaking centre in the Chiltift Basin.

Chiltift Basin is a region on the colony world of Camber.[1] Following the planet's glassing in the Battle of Camber, the basin became home to a shipbreaking yard operated by the Banished - who established a large plasma drill to begin scrapping the desolate UNSC starships littering the region including the wreck of FFG-201.[2] In 2560, SPARTAN-IVs Sigrid Eklund and Hieu Dinh were deployed on a reconnaissance mission to the basin's shipbreaking yards, during which they encountered the Banished artificial intelligence Iratus.[1]


The Chiltift Basin's shipbreaking yards are the site of the Halo Infinite multiplayer map, Breaker.

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