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A naeori, colloquially known as an octowhale, was an aquatic animal native to the oceans and seas of Draco III. Relatively rare, naeori were allegedly the size of an island[1] and were purplish-blue in color.[2] Bat-shaped leeches fed off of the naeori, and were known to be difficult to remove.[3]

The naeori evolved on the planet before it was terraformed and colonized by humanity. The species survived by living far beneath the surface of Draco III's water bodies, and eventually moved back up to the surface years later. Some Draconian fishermen attempted to catch naeori with shocknets, as even military-grade munitions had little effect on a naeori. As a teenager, Edward Buck apprenticed with his uncle Lou on an industrial fishing ship in the Gold Sea that made several efforts to catch naeori.[1]

It is unknown if the species survived the Covenant's assault on Draco III in 2545.

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