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Edward Malcolm Buck grew up with his family in Karnak, Lombard on Draco III.[1]


Edward Buck and his young sister, Lucy, were born to working-class parents on Draco III.[2] Edward was born on August 22, 2510 at Draco Mercy in Draco III's capital city, New Albany.[3] Buck spent much of his life in the family's hometown of Karnak. Growing up, he never cared too much for school and spent most of his teenage summers apprenticing with his uncle Lou as a fisherman on Draco's Gold Sea. After a long day at sea attempting to catch octowhales, his Uncle Lou would take him to Leeward's dive bar for some seafood chowder. When Buck turned eighteen in 2528, three years after the start of the Covenant War, he enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps. The night before he had to report to the UNSC for the first time, his father and uncle Lou threw him a going away party at Leeward's.

At some point prior to 2545, Buck's father was killed in a traffic accident.[4][note 1] In 2545, after an extended period of cryosleep during a slipstream space jump between Mars and Hardscrabble, Buck learned of the Covenant attack on his homeworld. When the Covenant invaded the planet, starving Kig-Yar and Unggoy slaughtered of all its citizens, including Buck's family and relatives. He regretted being unable to participate in the battle and then resolved to transfer to the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.[1]


  • Buck's mother - A former UNSC Marine who retired to raise her two children.
  • Buck's father - A dockworker and devoted family man. He passed away in a traffic accident prior to the Covenant's assault on their homeworld.
  • Uncle Lou - A fisherman.
  • Lucy Buck - Edward Buck's younger sister. The last time time Edward saw his kid sister, she was married with a man of Asian descent and had two children, both girls.
    • Cyan - Lucy's daughter and Edward Buck's niece.
    • Cho - Lucy's daughter and Edward Buck's niece.
    • Xu - Lucy's third child and son. Xu was the youngest and last addition to the Buck family. Edward Buck never had the opportunity to meet his new nephew.
  • Edward Malcolm Buck - A Spartan-IV supersoldier and former Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.
  • Veronica Dare - Wife of Edward Malcolm Buck as of 2559.

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  1. ^ When entering a vehicle in Halo: Reach's Firefight mode, Buck may sometimes say, "Hey hey! My father had one of these! It's how he died." While it is obvious that his father's vehicle was not of Covenant origin, this quote may be said when Buck enters any vehicle.


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