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Lombard, Draco III

Governed by:

Unified Earth Government


Karnak is a city located in Lombard on the human colony world of Draco III. The city was known for a large fishing industry, and the Gold Sea is located off the coast of Karnak.[1] Karnak was home to the Leeward's dive bar, a tiny airport, and a UNSC recruiting office.[2] It was where Edward Buck lived most of his life prior to his enlistment in the UNSC.[3][4]


When the Covenant invaded Draco III in 2545, starving Kig-Yar and Unggoy massacred the city's residents.[5] While the Covenant used the world as a hunting ground, Karnak was partially glassed by Covenant vessels. Entire neighborhoods, dozens of kilometers wide, were glassed entirely, while most of the city's high-rise buildings were destroyed. However, the docks were cleaned up by colonists that resettled on the planet following the Human-Covenant War. After the rebellion on Draco III in 2554, Edward Buck returned to Karnak.[2] While drinking at Leeward's bar, he was visited by Jun-A266, who offered him and his team a place in the second class of the SPARTAN-IV program; he accepted.[6]


The city is likely named after Karnak, an ancient complex of ruins in Egypt.

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