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The Infiltration harness.

The Infiltration harness,[1] also called Infiltrator harness,[2] is an armor set used by Special Operations and Stealth Sangheili of the Covenant.[3][4] As its name suggests, it is used for completing infiltration missions.[1]


The Infiltration harness is a set that has embedded active camouflage technology. This ensures the user can turn invisible if required without the need for external modules.[1] If the user has energy shields, once its shields have been lowered, the harness cannot cloak its wearer until the shields have recharged. Compared to the Sangheili combat harness, this harness is sleeker and covers the whole body. The helmet covers the head, and ends downwards with a large Corinthian-like curved projection.

Special Operations Sangheili use either a dark maroon[3] or black harness.[4] Stealth Sangheili use a dominant white harness with red markings.[4] The harness has a grey skinsuit and turquoise lightings.

A heavily modified version of this harness also exists for use by elite Special Operations units. It has a thin visor rather than two eyeslits.[5]

Operational history[edit]

The Infiltration harness was used during the Human-Covenant War. It was notably donned by Thel 'Vadamee and his Zealot crew in 2535 during their mission to Metisette.[2]

Special Operations Sangheili affiliated with the Fleet of Valiant Prudence used the Infiltration harness during the invasion of Reach in 2552.[3] Shortly afterwards, Special Operations and Stealth Sangheili affiliated with the Fleet of Particular Justice used this harness during the Battle of Installation 04.[4]

These Infiltration harnesses also were used by members of Silent Shadow squads, a division of special operations Sangheili within the Covenant's Special Operations branch, during and after Human-Covenant War.[6]


This harness is unlocked for use in multiplayer in Halo: Reach after attaining the rank of Corporal.


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