Mission to an unidentified moon

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Mission to unidentified moon
Two enhanced Special Operations Sangheili preparing to kill Jonah-B283.


Human-Covenant War


Before November 2552


Unidentified moon


Covenant victory


United Nations Space Command




Unidentified Silent Shadow Sangheili†

  • A Silent Shadow squad
  • Several Covenant ground troops

During the Human-Covenant War a mission to an unidentified moon was executed by four SPARTAN-III Headhunters, two of them Jonah-B283 and Roland-B210. The mission had the objective to destroy several Covenant base camps before the UNSC forces would begin a full-scale assault. The mission was ultimately a failure, however, as both SPARTAN-III teams were killed in a trap laid by an unknown class of Special Operations Sangheili, although they were able to destroy several base camps and eliminate a large contingent of enemies.[1]

The mission[edit]

The Headhunters were two-man SPARTAN-III teams assigned to special ops deep behind enemy lines. They were also granted more advanced equipment than most Spartan-IIIs, including shielding, VISR, and experimental active camouflage.[2]

On an unnamed moon,[3] ten Covenant base camps had been identified fielding crew for a Forerunner artifact dig site. Team One, consisting of Spartans Jonah and Roland,[4] was commissioned with destroying six of the bases while another team would take out the other four. After all the dig sites were destroyed, the UNSC would send in a full-scale assault, made up of a dozen S-III fireteams and orbital backup firepower.[5]

The two teams were deployed on the planet more than twenty miles away from enemy lines. While this gave them a greater chance of not being noticed by the enemy upon arrival, it also meant that Spartans had to trek for seven days to reach their target. Jonah and Roland's team eventually encountered their first hostile, a Kig-Yar sniper perched on a treetop platform. Uncertain about killing him immediately and possible missing or setting off an alarm, the two Spartans hid explosive charges at the base of the lookout tree then proceeded sneaking to the dig site.

Thirty minutes later, Team One had their first visual of a base camp, three hundred meters away and below them in a wide valley.[6] Jonah and Roland surveyed the site, estimating that there were roughly twenty to thirty infantry in the camp and that it was being led by Sangheili, who were smart but predictable, rather than Jiralhanae, who could be too chaotic to outsmart. They continued to observe the base for the next two days, identifying patrol routes, high-ranking enemies, and important control sites.[7]

On the third day, the two initiated their attack. Roland went into active camouflage, giving him roughly four minutes to plant charges around the base's four reactor cores. When he gave a signal (the explosives at the base of the sniper lookout), Jonah used an energy disruptor and flares to storm the Covenant barracks, singlehandedly wiping out all the enemy troops inside.[8] During the battle, Roland noticed an explosion across the valley and considered it might've been Team Two, also responding to his go-signal by initiating their own attack.[9] Team One's attack took only ten minutes before they had seemingly wiped out all of the base's crew.[10]

However, Jonah let his guard down to taunt the last few enemies, allowing a cloaked Sangheili of the Silent Shadow to skewer Roland with his energy sword.[11] With his last breath, Roland managed to tell Jonah that the base's charges were "clear" and primed for explosion.[12] Jonah made an attempt to kill Roland's murderer, but switching on his VISR to find the cloaked attacker revealed that there were in fact five more cloaked Elites surrounding him. The Elites taunted Jonah, saying that they had also killed Team Two, but Jonah noted to himself that these enemies hadn't bothered to kill him while cloaked even though they had the opportunity to do so.[13] Since they clearly intended to capture him, Jonah goaded the Elites into chasing him, luring them close to his energy disruptor. When their shields and weapons were down, Jonah pressed the detonator, killing himself and nearly all the Elites.[14] However, one Sangheili would survive the encounter, Jega 'Rdomnai, who would lose his left mandibles and left arm.[15]

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