Battle of Eridanus II

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Siege of Dwarka


Harvest Campaign


Battle of Groombridge-1830

Battle of Eridanus II


Human-Covenant War




Eridanus II, Eridanus System


Covenant victory


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In 2530, during the Human-Covenant War, there was an engagement between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire at Eridanus II.


During the fighting, Emile-A239's brother would sacrifice his life to save Emile.[3]

The Covenant would glass Eridanus II,[1] devastating the population centers.[4]


"For all us cosmopolitan Earth types who don't venture into the far reaches of space, there's a planet way out in the Outer Colonies called Eridanus II. If you're thinking of visiting, don't bother. It was catastrophically glassed in a Covenant attack in 2530."
Benjamin Giraud in 2558.[5]

The planet would be abandoned for a time by the UNSC.[1]

Despite the glassing, the planet was largely intact allowing post-war rehab pioneers and original inhabitants to return.[4] By 2557 or 2558, Elysium City would be a destination to travel to from Cascade.[6]

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