Massacre of Troy

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Massacre of Troy


Human-Covenant War


May 2552[Note 1]


Hellespont system, above the planet Troy


Covenant victory

  • Almost entire civilian population lost
  • Troy glassed
  • Unknown Fleetmaster
  • Unknown
  • Almost the entire population
  • No UNSC losses
  • None

The Massacre of Troy was a Covenant attack on the UNSC colony Troy, in the Hellespont system. The UNSC Apocalypso had intercepted a Covenant transmission and was aware of the impending assault.[1] However, ONI did not want the Covenant to find out that they had cracked the Covenant communications code, so ONI operatives were sent to the surface[2] and ordered to quietly evacuate as many of the population as they could.[3] The UNSC managed to save a small portion of the population before the planet was glassed by the unopposed Covenant fleet. Few humans were aware of the evacuation and assumed that there were no survivors. Involved UNSC personnel included Lance Corporals Janet Adams and Gobi.

In order to uncover whether ONI had predicted the massacre, Colonel Herzog posed as an evacuee, forcefully evacuated by Adams. Adams was later killed, either in combat with the Covenant or assassinated by Major Standish to keep the evacuation secret.[4] Rani Sobeck attempted to contact Gobi to learn more about the cover up, but was stopped.[5]

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