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Operation: FIRESIDE

Defense of Concord
UNSC status on the Battle of Concord


Human-Covenant War[1]


c. December 6,[2] 2551[1]


Concord,[1] Alabaster system[3]


UNSC victory[3][4]


The HCW-era UNSC icon United Nations Space Command

The Fleet Battles/Halo 5: Guardians Covenant Icon made in the style of HN. Covenant



  • Several ships in orbit[4]
  • Several ground assets[4]

The defense of Concord was an engagement of the Human-Covenant War in 2551 between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant on the human colony planet of Concord.[1]



On December 5, 2551, during the UNSC's defense of Concord, Covenant activity was witnessed at Lethbridge Industrial's combat fields just outside of the city of Lethbridge.[2]

On December 6 at 0720Z MST as part of Operation: GYPSUM, Sergeant Sigrid Eklund and a group of UNSC Army Rangers managed to clear out the Caravelle province at the cost of two M9 Wolverines. They then prepared to redeploy to a nearby mass driver station which was being defended by dwindling militia forces. After the skirmish at the Caravelle province, Eklund contacted Commander Renna, informing them of the outcome of the battle and asking about the activity at the Lethbridge Combat Fields the previous day.[2] Operation: SHARP ANGLE was ongoing elsewhere at roughly the same time.[2]

By December 12, the joint forces of UNSC Army and Concordian militia had largely repelled Covenant ground forces from the major cities. Furthermore, the Covenant had lost air superiority; a dozen S-14 Baselard pilots sacrificed their lives leading pursuing Banshees and Vampires into the paths of concealed M9 Wolverine anti-aircraft tanks, while the unusually small Covenant fleet were kept at bay by several planet-side mass driver stations before being destroyed by a UNSC strike group consisting of the Marathon-class heavy cruiser C-322 and two Strident-class heavy frigates, FFG-427 and FFG-502.[2][4]

Covenant ground forces were unable to evacuate from the planet, and redirected their forces to destroy the far less-protected townships in the Hinterlands region out of spite.[4]


During the battle, several test models of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN2] were utilized, albeit without their full combat suites. Notably, the VENATOR-class Mjolnir—manufactured by Concord's Lethbridge Industrial—gained prominence during the defense of Concord due to the armor's effectiveness in hand-to-hand and single-enemy combat.[1] NOBLE Team were additionally deployed during the engagement, albeit equipped in their GEN1 MJOLNIR suits.[4]


The engagement resulted in a victory for the UNSC in space, as well as the end of most attacks on major cities. However, stranded Covenant and UNSC forces would continue to clash in Operation: OFFSET EYE, where NOBLE Team destroyed a contingent of ground forces led by a Zashk-pattern Draugr before it could reach the town of Skathi.[4]

Ultimately, the battle and the follow-on operations were a success,[4] allowing Concord to survive the Covenant War.[3]


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