Hinterlands region

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A Banshee scout on Concord during the Defense of Concord, 2551.
A Banshee scout flying over the Hinterlands.[1]

The Hinterlands region was a region on the human colony world of Concord, located within the equatorial band.[1]


Topography and ecology[edit]

The Hinterlands region contains alpine forests that change between verdant and snowy in summer and winter months respectively. Three townships, Ploh, Skathi, and New Ugga, existed within the region. Skathi was the least built up of the three.[1]



Human-Covenant war[edit]

During Operation: OFFSET EYE in late 2551, NOBLE Team crash-landed in the region where they discovered that locals in Skathi were prepping defenses as stranded Covenant were moving to attack the town. NOBLE Team would engage these forces in the snowy wilderness away from the town. After destroying these forces, UNSC Army Rangers were deployed to Skathi with supplies.[1]

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