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An illustration of Concord. Flipped to be accurate to the book.


Alabaster system[1]




2;[2] Mesker, Ophilia[1]









Unified Earth Government[1]


Concord is a planet in the Alabaster system and a human Outer Colony, under the authority of the Unified Earth Government.[1]


Topography and ecology[edit]

Concord's polar caps dominate the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet, though the equatorial habitable band is relatively mild and pleasant. However, the hinterlands remain hostile and sparsely populated, beyond miners and hardy isolationists.[1] This equatorial band has alpine forests and experiences seasonal changes with winter and summer months.[4]




Originally categorized as a marginal prospect for colonization, Concord was situated at the prime confluence of multiple slipspace routes. Furthermore, extensive mineral wealth on Concord's surface was of interest to Lethbridge Industrial and settlement co-ops based out of the Sol system's Jovian colonies. Thus, in 2490, Concord was settled by the Unified Earth Government as an Outer Colony.[1]

Prior to 2525, the station's mass drivers were used to launch deep space monitoring relays in order to study distant star systems; one such facility was known as Longbow Station.[5]

UNSC status on the Battle of Concord
Concord during the Defense of Concord in December 2551.

Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Human-Covenant War, Concord saw a population surge and investment as refugees from evacuated colonies settled on the planet. Within a few decades, outposts were transformed into cities and Lethbridge Industrial rose to become a first-tier megacorporation.[1]

As the war began to get increasingly dire, the UEG invested heavily in the infrastructure of the planet. With refugees being settled in the various cities of the planet, a number of the original settlers moved out into the harsher wilderness of the world.[4]

The planet was attacked by the Covenant in December 2551,[6][3] and ultimately defeated.[4] Despite the attack, Lethbridge Industrial established themselves in the megacity of Lethbridge, Corsica and continued to invest heavily in the planet's infrastructure and development.[1][7]


The Concord Incident took place in 2554, during which Spartan-IV operatives made use of outer-plated leg protections.[8]

In 2558, Concord's UNSC supply routes were disrupted by a faction of Kig-Yar pirates. In response, the Office of Naval Intelligence charged Spartan Kojo Agu with neutralizing the pirates while testing a prototype of the DEADEYE-class Mjolnir armor system. After a four-day operation, Agu succeeded in eliminating the pirates.[9]

At some point prior to December 2559, Concord was interdicted by Guardians.[10]

Government and society[edit]


During the planetary invasion of 2551, Concordian citizens formed their own militia force.[4][3] The planet's civilian industrial mass driver facilities such as Longbow and Recurve stations were capable of limited use as anti-orbital artillery, alongside serving to house and launch detection equipment into space used to track the movement of Covenant fleets.[4][11]


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