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Skathi is a human township on the colony of Concord, and one of only three towns in the Hinterlands region of the planet. On December 12, 2551, Skathi and its outskirts were the site of a skirmish between NOBLE Team and a contingent of Covenant ground forces.[1]



In 2551, Skathi was the least built-up of the townships in the Hinterlands region of Concord, little more than a bunch of wooden houses alongside a tavern, a lumber mill, and a couple of stores that focused on general supplies and hunting goods.[1]


The citizens that lived in Skathi are predominantly isolationist colonists who had settled on Concord circa its initial colonization in 2490 or those employed by the local mining industry.[1][2] Those that live in Skathi are hardy, rugged workers, and are generally sociable only amongst each other.[1]



While Concord's urban infrastructure had seen significant investment from the Unified Earth Government due to the need for places to resettle civilians displaced by the Human-Covenant War, the colonists who had lived on the planet for fifty or more years chose to live in isolated towns like Skathi. Concordians working in the mining industry would also make their homes in Skathi, as well as the neighboring towns of Ploh and New Ugga.[1]


During the Covenant invasion of Concord in December 2551, the alien forces focused most of their attention on the major cities. However, coordinated efforts by the UNSC Army Rangers and Concordian militia repelled these attacks, forcing the remaining Covenant to regroup and settle for wiping out the far less-protected hinterland towns. On December 12, a contingent of alien ground forces led by a Zashk-pattern Draugr had set its sights on Skathi.[1]

The people of Skathi, who were cut off from communications, had already begun preparing for the Covenant's arrival when the Spartans of NOBLE Team arrived to assist. Jorge-052 helped gather ammunition and the citizens offered the Spartans their sole operational M862 Arctic Warthog for the coming battle. Jorge, along with Carter-A259 and Jun-A266, remained at Skathi to act as a rear guard as Kat-B320 drove Rosenda-A344 and Thom-A293 in the Warthog to meet the approaching Covenant. These three Spartans neutralized the attackers and captured the Draugr while the others back at Skathi had to contend with Banshees.[1]

Following the battle, a pair of UNSC Pelicans arrived at Skathi to deliver relief supplies and extract NOBLE Team. Meanwhile, some of the citizens of Skathi had already started making repairs to their town, while others gathered at the tavern to sing merrily. Shortly after this, the Spartans boarded their Pelicans and left.[1]

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