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"Banshee" is the name applied to a series of Covenant atmospheric/exatmospheric support aircraft.[1]


A prolific aircraft, the Banshee has been used by ancient Sangheili, Covenant forces and Covenant remnants.[1]


Ancient Banshees[edit]

  • QezoY'asabu - An ancient Banshee model primarily designed for and used in a stealth role.[1]
  • Uztet'sKelln - An ancient Banshee originally designed by the Sangheili that visually resembled the more modern types.[1]

Type-26 Banshee[edit]

Type-27 Banshee[edit]

Type-54 Banshee[edit]

Banished Banshee[edit]

  • Unstable Banshee - A Banished Banshee that has several explosive barrels attached to it.

Related vehicles[edit]

  • Seraph - A Covenant space fighter.[4] Used alongside the T27 Space Banshee and in a ground support role.[5]
  • Type-29 Vampire - A seldom seen atmospheric aircraft used by the Covenant,[6] with impressive anti-aircraft capabilities.[7]

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