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Spirit is a name applied to a series of troop transports and logistical dropships employed by the Covenant and its remnants.


Spirits are uniquely identified by their distinctive tuning fork shape. Each "arm" is a troop deployment pod capable of hosting a number of soldiers, while the main cockpit is located at the rear of the ship, and a plasma cannon is mounted below. The space between the two troop bays can be use to carry vehicles and other equipment. Some Spirits are equipped with gravity lifts to deploy troops without risking opening their troop bays.[1]


Covenant Spirit[edit]

  • Taaku Xur-pattern Spirit - Another variant fielded by the Covenant.[4] This variant is equipped with a gravity lift that leads into the cockpit directly.
  • Mokol'ta-pattern Spirit - A variant of Covenant dropship nicknamed the "Super Spirit" for its resemblance to the Spirit. The Super Spirit has three prows, as opposed to the usual two.

Banished Spirit[edit]

  • Eklon'dal Workshop Spirit - A modified Spirit employed by the Banished. This variant has alterations to its gravity lifts, allowing it to transport entire prefabricated buildings to the battlefield without issue.