Kalu'qeh-pattern Breaching Carapace

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Kalu'qeh-pattern Breaching Carapace
A render of the Kalu'qeh-pattern Breaching Carapace, cropped from the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
Production information


Lodam Armory[1][2]

Product line:

Squad Breaching Carapace

Technical specifications


4.6 meters (15 ft)[2]


4.6 meters (15 ft)[2]


9.5 meters (31.2 ft)[2]


3 metric tons (3.0 LT; 3.3 ST)[2]


Four operators[1]


Year introduced:


In service:


Troop deployment


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[1]


The Kalu'qeh-pattern Breaching Carapace (UNSC Type classification: Type-55 Squad Breaching Carapace, T-55 SBC) is a Covenant drop pod manufactured by Lodam Armory.[2] First observed in 2554, the Type-55 SBC was not formally documented by the United Nations Space Command until 2555.[1]

Design details[edit]

Type-55 Squad Breaching Carapaces are deployed via firing from a capital ship or localized deployment, typically from an orbital or suborbital position. The drop pods are launched toward the surface of a world as a means to circumvent enemy movement or sever supply lines, and breach the atmosphere—if necessary—and close in on the target area before forward thrusters are activated, braking the craft just before impact. The effect is often disorienting for hostiles, allowing drop pods to violently strike the target landing zone, immediately ejecting troops before the opposition can recover from the event.[1]

The Type-55 Squad Breaching Carapace bears only a slight resemblance to the sleek drop pods used by the Covenant, such as the Gloto'kef-pattern Assault Carapace. Manufactured by Lodam Armory, the Type-55 SBC is emblematic of the classic Sangheili design. Aerodynamically streamlined for speed and maneuverability, the Type-55 SBC has seen frequent use in the civil war between Sangheili clans, primarily due to the war's wildly territorial nature. The T-55 SBC has four bays and is capable of deploying up to the same number of Covenant personnel. The SBC deploys personnel standing upright, locking them into place with gravity-based floor anchors. Upon impact, the carapace's doors slide open and the anchors are released, immediately deploying the troops.[1]


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