Dovotaa Workshop Griever

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Dovotaa Workshop lair waster
Artwork of the Dovotaa Workshop Griever.
Production information


Crucibles of Dovotaa[1]

Technical specifications


40.9 meters (134.2 ft)[1]


52 meters (172 ft)[1]


13 meters (44 ft)[1]


85.7 metric tons (84.3 LT; 94.5 ST)[1]

Other system(s):




In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[2]






The Dovotaa Workshop lair waster,[1] also known as the Griever fighter-bomber, is a bomber employed by the Banished in the post-war era.[2]


Design details[edit]

The Dovotaa Workshop Griever's design first originated from within the Dovotaa clan's workshops, the Crucibles of Dovotaa, using technological advancements lifted from Covenant archives. The shape of the enormous, tri-hulled craft is intended to echo the silhouette of barges used by ancient ocean-raiders on Doisac.[1]

While the Griever only requires a single pilot, one weapons officer and four additional crew members are required to operate the craft in its full capacity.[1] Despite its classification as a fighter-bomber, it is also referred to as a heavy bomber, and has cannon mounts large enough to be visible from more than two kilometers away.[2] The Griever is also equipped with numerous defensive countermeasures including chaff, flares, and energy shielding alongside heavy armor.[2][1] The combined shields and armor are able to take the impact of three volleys each of two Anaconda surface-to-air missiles in under three seconds before failing; requiring substantial concentrated fire to down.[2] One of the Griever's greatest advantages in combat is its resilience, being able to operate nonstop for long durations of time. Despite being classified primarily as a bomber, which includes the usual limitations to speed and maneuverability, the Griever has been seen to effectively function as a fighter on rare occasions.[1]


The Griever fighter-bomber is equipped with a heavy mortar, six plasma beam projectors, two spike cannons, and two plasma lances.[1] One of its plasma-based weapons consists of dispersion nozzles that spray plasma down onto a targeted surface, capable of "reducing half of New Mohács to glass." Another of its armaments consists of multiple plasma cannons capable of firing "vehicle-sized" plasma bolts.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Operation: WOLFE[edit]

Grievers were employed by the Banished on Reach during Operation: WOLFE. During their occupation of Reach, they employed Grievers whenever pockets of resistance were encountered; in such events a single fighter-bomber was deployed to turn the pocket into a crater.[3] Five such craft were later employed in an attack on New Mohács, though four were destroyed by the resistance with Anaconda surface-to-air missiles, and the fifth by Blue Team using M95 Lances, with their destruction taking out and wounding Banished forces moving towards New Mohács.[2]

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