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A pair of heavy spike cannons mounted on the Barukaza Workshop Chopper.

Spike cannons, also known as spiker autocannons,[1][2] are a class of heavy mounted weapon typically used by the Covenant and its remnants. As their name suggests, spike cannons employ the use of spike projectiles as their primary munitions.[3]


Design details[edit]

While there are multiple variants of spike cannons, they generally fire spike projectiles larger than those loaded in handheld spike weaponry.[4] Spike cannons are mounted on ground vehicles as well as aircraft and controlled by either the vehicle's operator or additional gunners.[5][3] When the Jiralhanae first repurposed Lighter Than Some's invention into the Choppers, they were equipped with spike rifles,[6] but later—more refined—models of the Chopper employed forward-firing and self-loading twin-paired heavy spike cannons, which fire large 35mm caliber spike projectiles.[7][8][9] Despite the weapons being self-loading cannons that fire large calibre projectiles, in his publication Machines, Materiel and Munitions from the Human-Covenant Conflict, 2525 - Present, Dr Robert McLees suggested "autocannon" may be a misnomer for the spike cannons.[7] Regardless, the weapon displays a degree of modularity: while the cannon can be upgraded with stabilizers for increased damage and accuracy,[10] the spike projectiles themselves can also be upgraded to explosive shrapnel rounds,[11] converting the cannon to its "shrapnel cannon” variant.[1][3] Although spike cannons tend to fire at a lower rate of fire when compared to plasma cannons and needle cannons, their spike projectiles remain very effective against infantry and light armored vehicles.[2][12]


Light spike cannons
Spike cannons
Heavy spike cannons
Shrapnel cannons[3]
  • Barug'qel Workshop Chopper - 2x shrapnel cannons (Optional)[1]
  • Terror Chopper - 2x shrapnel cannons[3]


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  1. ^ The spike turrets fire projectiles that are identical to those fired from the Barug'qel Workshop Chopper's spike cannons. Given its name, it can be reasonably inferred that the spike turret employs the same spike cannons as the Chopper.


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