Terror Chopper

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Terror Chopper
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The Banished[1]




Shrapnel Rounds


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The Terror Chopper is a vehicle employed the Banished.

Design details[edit]

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The Terror Chopper is a variant of the Banished Chopper employed by Decimus, the Terror variant now sports a black and red color. It is equipped with an upgraded Shrapnel Round launcher capable of firing explosive rounds. The Chopper is also able to detect cloaked units. The Chopper also has more and long spikes at the fore of the vehicle than standard Banished Choppers.[2]


The Terror Choppers is a unit available for play in the Blitz and Blitz Firefight modes of Halo Wars 2. It is available to players playing as Voridus. The Terror Chopper Blitz card has the following attributes;

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost to deploy: 60
  • Shock: This unit intimidates nearby enemy troops, significantly reducing their armor.
  • Detect: This unit can detect any cloaked units nearby.

The Terror Choppers is classed as a Scout Vehicles, and performs well against infantry, not effective against vehicles and aircraft.


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