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An Unggoy-crewed Methane Wagon in combat against United Nations Space Command troops on the Ark.

Support wagons are a kind of ground vehicle created by the Jiralhanae, used in their wars on their homeworld Doisac. As their name suggests, they are not direct combat vehicles, but instead a support vehicle intended to deploy chemical weapons; support wagons have historically been used to deploy stimulants to work allied warriors into a frenzy prior to battle, or to break enemy lines and deploy clouds of toxic gases.[1]


Death Wagon[edit]

Death Wagons are a creation of the engineers of the Eklon War-Forges and the war-architects of the Banished. Universally viewed as the most advanced support vehicle among any Jiralhanae organisation, they borrow design elements heavily from other vehicles and are capable of both deploying clouds of poison gases and packs of stalkers into the fog to hunt down any survivors of the attack.[1]

Methane Wagon[edit]

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Methane Wagons are a creation of the Unggoy Yapyap the Destroyer, though one entirely unauthorised by Banished leadership. They consist of Death Wagon vehicles modified to deploy clouds of methane gas onto the battlefield to enhance the effectiveness of Unggoy troops on the ground.[1]

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