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This article is about the Revenant variant developed for inclusion in Halo 4. For the original Revenant featured in Halo: Reach, see Rizvum-pattern Revenant.
Phelent-pattern Ground Striker
Cutout of a Revenant cut from halo 4.
Production information


Merchants of Qikost[1]

Product line:




Technical specifications


8.2 meters (27 ft)[1]


3.8 meters (12.4 ft)[1]


2.9 meters (9.6 ft)[1]


2.3 metric tons (2.3 LT; 2.5 ST)[1]


1 plasma repeater turret[1]




Covenant remnants[1]


The Phelent-pattern Ground Striker, colloquially known as the Scout Revenant, is a variant in the Revenant family of infantry support vehicles, employed by the Covenant and its remnants.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Phelent-pattern is a heavy modification of the traditional Rizvum-pattern Revenant employed as a light tank by the Covenant. Unlike the Rizvum, the Phelent incorporates a light plasma repeater turret rather than the Rizvum's plasma mortar, and this reduced weight grants the vehicle a speed boost, allowing it to cross short spans of terrain extremely quickly. The vehicle's design differs in many areas compared to the original Revenant, with the hull loosely modelled on older-era templates so that it resembles the skull of the cara'kada blood-lizard.[1]


The Scout Revenant is employed predominantly by Sangheili-led splinter factions of the former-Covenant.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Concept art of the Rizvum-pattern Revenant c.2008.
One of Glenn Israel's original concepts for the Halo: Reach Revenant sporting a familiar plasma turret; more can be seen here.
Main article: Cut Halo 4 vehicles

The Phelent-pattern Revenant was originally created during the development of Halo 4. The vehicle was concepted by concept artist Glenn Israel and modelled by 3D artist Can Tuncer and was present in several early alpha builds before being ultimately cut from the game.[2][3]

The Revenant has seen a major redesign since its iteration in Reach, with the vehicle as a whole being generally bulkier and up-armoured compared to the original version. Instead of the driver controlling a medium plasma mortar, the vehicle now has an automatic plasma cannon in the back which can be manned by an independent gunner—making the vehicle more akin to the Spectre or Warthog.[4] The plasma cannon operates similarly to the Sho'riru-pattern Shade turret, though has an unfinished model and textures. The design of the unfinished plasma cannon would be inherited by the plasma cannon on the Muv'te-pattern anti-aircraft Wraith and the Bolroci Workshop Wraith in Halo 5: Guardians and Halo Infinite, respectively. The idea for a turreted Revenant can be seen in Glenn Israel's original concept art for the Revenant in Reach, which ultimately saw the turret replaced with the aforementioned plasma mortar.

With the release of Halo 4 on PC as part of the Master Chief Collection, the Revenant was added to the game's files and can be spawned via modding.[5] In the Halo 4 Mod Tools, the Revenant's tags are set up and readily available to import onto any map in Sapien.


Concept art[edit]

Halo 4 in-game[edit]


High-poly model[edit]


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