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This article is about the Banished's frontline tank. For the MJOLNIR armor variant, see MARAUDER-class Mjolnir.
Eklon'Dal Workshop War-Sled
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Production information


Eklon War-Forges[1]

Product line:


Technical specifications


12.4 meters (40.8 ft)[1]


7.5 meters (24.5 ft)[1]


4.4 meters (14.5 ft)[1]


4.9 metric tons (4.8 LT; 5.4 ST)[1]


Boosted gravity propulsion drive




In service:




"I love this thing!"
— A Jiralhanae piloting a Marauder during the Second Ark Conflict.[4]

The Eklon'Dal Workshop War-Sled, colloquially known as the Marauder,[1] is a fast, medium-size infantry-fighting vehicle used by the Banished.[2]


Design details[edit]

The Marauder is a war-sled of Jiralhanae origin, and as such boasts a reasonably standard design consisting of a streamlined body with two antigravity repulsors beneath. Unlike the similar Prowler war-sleds, the Marauder's driver is located in the middle of the vehicle, while the gunner is sat in the back. The rear-mounted gunner operates a plasma mortar with an integrated missile launcher, the latter of which can be used to target aircraft.[1] They are often used in conjunction with Ghosts as heavy support for raiding parties.[2]

In the case of the Marauders used by the Voice of Maardoth during the Carrow Conflict, the Marauders' armour was composed of raw steel sheets salvaged by Hekabe and his forces.[3]


The various warlords and commanders of the Banished have created a number of distinct modular upgrades for the Marauder, making it a versatile platform that can be used in a wide range of roles. The Eklon'Dal design is one of the many Marauder variants; some upgrades have a thick layer of additional armour plating surrounding the vehicle.[1][2]

Operational history[edit]

The Marauder employs a Jiralhanae design that traces its origins to armored hovercraft that ranged on the plains of Doisac during the world wars that eventually devastated the civilization there.[1][2] The design for the Eklon'Dal Workshop Marauder was created by the eponymous Eklon'Dal clan, with manufacturing done by the Eklon War-Forges. The originals were created on Teash, with a handful acquired by Atriox leading to their mass commissioning for use in his Banished army.[1] Marauders were deployed by the Banished against the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in March 2559 during the Second Ark Conflict,[4] and again later that year during the the Banished operation on Reach.[5]

Outside of the Banished, other Jiralhanae clans make use of Marauders. The Voice of Maardoth made use of them during the Carrow Conflict in September 2558.[3]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Frontline tank, tough armour, shoots slow enemies
  • Tier: 2
  • Cost: Population 5, Supplies 320, Power 0
  • Marauder upgrade
    • Thick Hide
    • Info: Unit Upgrade, Greatly increases armor
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 700

Marauders can be built at the Banished Foundry by all Banished leaders. Unlike the other leaders, Let 'Volir is able to have his Marauders cloak once the upgrade has been purchased using a leader point. Marauders perform well against infantry, and okay against vehicles, aircraft, and structures. In Blitz, Marauders cost Blitz Energy 70 energy, while Marauder Warchiefs cost Blitz Energy 120, and Prowling Marauders cost Blitz Energy 90. Marauder Warchiefs buff nearby allied units to do more damage, while Prowling Marauders stay cloaked for 90 seconds.

Phoenix log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Marauder
Phoenix log artwork

Fast, medium tank.

The Marauder is an infantry-fighting vehicle armed with a heavy plasma turret. Marauders can be upgraded with modular plates of thick hide to increase their staying power in escalating battles, and those in the Shipmaster's service can also be fitted with cloak systems.

Usually operating in close support of Banished infantry, the Marauder is a Jiralhanae design that traces its origins to armored hovercraft that ranged on the plains of Doisac during the world wars that eventually devastated their civilization. The vehicle is also found the service of the mercenary Shipmaster as a heavier support vehicle for his Ghost raiders.


In Halo Wars 2 if a Spartan hijacks a Marauder, the Brute gunner will remain in the vehicle. This was the first vehicle where the secondary crew member remains in the vehicle while hijacked & continues fighting with the replaced driver.


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